Institute Lecture Series

The speaker for the session was Mr. Muffazal Arsiwalla, VP Deutsche Bank, Mumbai. He started the session by specifying the concept of Investment Banking and that people are intrigued towards it in the lieu of money, knowledge, thrill, travel and glamour. He also specified that Investment banking is related to performing multitude of roles rather than a specialized one. He then acknowledged audience about the evolution of Deutsche Bank and how it has been able to attain the ‘Universal’ status it now holds. Moving ahead, he highlighted two main functions of Investment Banking viz. Origination and Execution. The origination function is associated with pitching the clients and ensuring their support. The Execution function, on the other hand, is associated with closing the deal with the help of accountants and talking to key decision makers, strategic partners like CEO, CFO etc. He also specified that it is not about pricing but about knowledge. He ended the session by highlighting how crucial the aspect of competition for an Investment banker is by quoting the examples of Deutsche bank’s competitors like Citibank, Barclay, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs etc.

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Institute Lecture Series

The students of IMNU were greatly obliged with the presence of Mr. Subroto Bagchi, entrepreneur, business leader and author, who also co-founded Mindtree as the speaker of the institute lecture series. He started the session by stating that “Innovative mind is the one which isspontaneous and that’s why every child is a genius”. He then specified that innovation starts with inclusions that are needed when we have to deal with customers and supplier’s supplier or the customer’s customer. He also specified that one can become irrelevant if these factors are not considered. Further, talking about existential thinking, he mentioned the aspects of various layers. He Started with Technical layer: the lowest layer of knowledge that deals with the specification of innovation to happen at the least cost. Then came the experimental layer: where innovation is looked up by stepping into the shoes of a customer. Post this comes the existential layer: highest layer concerning the methods of a customer and to get into the minds of a person. He then quoted that “Great innovation starts with a simple idea”and also highlighted the need to solve problems via simple means. He ended the session with correctly mentioning that before “period of innovation, always came a period of struggle”.

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Alumni Conclave

Institute of Management, Nirma University organized Prathidhwani – The Alumni Conclave to celebrate the contributions of its alumni in various fields across industries. The theme of the conclave was “India: A Spectrum of Opportunities”. The Alumni Conclave is an endeavor by IMNU to bring together its alumni on a common platform to share their experiences with current students. The Institute hopes to encourage industry interaction and prepare its students for the grueling corporate world.

The inaugural session was addressed by Mr. Amit Dubey – National Sales Manager, Mahindra& Mahindra. He talked about how they are transforming in Mahindra from tractors to farm mechanized and then to agri value chain.The session was carried forward by Ms Debasmita Sahoo, currently an entrepreneur, her last assignment being Talent Acquisition Manager, R&D, HP.  She talked about the growth trend of industry from primary activities such as agriculture, manufacturing and IT .

The first plenary session began with an address by Mr. Rajat Dang, Senior Manager, Abbott Healthcare.Back to IMNU after ten years, all excited and fueled with energy, he began his session on the theme “Pharma marketing is interesting”.

The second speaker for the plenary session was Ms. Manuba Sharma, Jones Lang LaSalle. She talked about the myth of International Property Consultation being associated with brokerage. She highlighted the fact that real estate industry in turn supports a lot many industries employing a great domain of BPL people.

The afternoon session started with an address by Mr Pramesh Parikh, VP at AON Global Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. He discussed about three broad segments of insurance namely general insurance, life insurance and reinsurance. Mr. Saurav Gupta, AVP & Head of Finance, India at Thomson Reuters was the second speaker for the second plenary session. He started by elaborating the opportunities of recent times and the key things for the government to get those opportunities. He described how a financial analyst takes mountains of data and converts it into something valuables. He also mentioned that in a corporate world, the ability to interact with others plays an important role.

Alumni Conclave was indeed a celebration of knowledge.This was evident from the faces of all students ,professors and alumni.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm ; Photocourtesy: Pratikriti)


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Public CEO Lecture Series: Indian Capital Market Evolution and Path Forward

The speaker for the session was Mr. Ashish Chauhan, MD & CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.

Mr. Ashish started the session by a motivational quote advising the students to have ambitions much higher than where they are today. He traced back the formation of capital market evolution from a historical perspective, right from the time of Columbus. Earlier India used to have single entry book keeping system which now has transformed to double entry book system. He threw light upon the incidence of boom and burst like tulip mania and the concept of Fiat money. He then described the transition of native share and stock association to BSE from a broker’s democracy to an automated version. He highlighted the importance of speed in stock market and how BSE implemented it. He ended the session by highlighting how IT has been changing and will further change the face of India in coming times.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm ;Photo courtesy: Pratikriti)

NIC_6683 NIC_6710

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Drop of Ink

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn…”

This is what ‘A Drop of Ink’ was all about- to bring to life the unnamed emotions that exist within one and all. Organized by Club Sumantra of IMNU, A Drop of Ink was an English poetry recital program conducted on the 1st of February, 2015.  Contributors of all age groups had been invited on stage to recite their poems. The event witnessed participants of age as small as 11 years up to participants of age 60.  Participants included students from different colleges like XLRI, NITIE, IMNU, CEPT, MSU and many more, teachers from school, faculty across universities and Professional poets.

The heartfelt emotions that were penned by these poets were appreciated enthusiastically by all the audience. Some even got  inspired to write poems on the spot and platform to showcase their talents. The event was indeed one of its kind.

(Content courtesy:Parth Shah )


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The biggest sports carnival of IMNU, “NCL ’15” was organized by the Sportzzz Committee in the month of January, and it kicked off with the NCL run on 4th January, 2015. The theme this year was “Women Empowerment”. Around 120 students ran for the cause. It saw enthusiastic participation from the students and set tone for the rest of the tournament.

There were over 1000 registrations in individual events, over 600 for doubles and around 150 for group events. In addition to these, many on the spot registrations were also done.

In badminton, around 450 matches were conducted across all categories, over a span of 23 days. Lawn tennis saw around 210 matches being held, while table tennis saw over 250 matches. The corresponding numbers for chess and carom were 150 and 100 respectively. 23 matches took place in volleyball and 9 matches were held in throw-ball. Cricket and football saw 46 matches being conducted respectively.

Athletics events also saw enthusiastic participation in all the events. Saanvri Kapoor of Beacons won the Player of the Tournament in the Girls category. Shivprasad Sisodiya(Beacons) and Aakash Kamdar(Beacons) jointly won the Player of the Tournament in the Boys category. Team Beacons emerged as the winner of NCL ’15 while team Vulcans was the runner-up.

All the participants played with motivation the enthusiasm. Many students showed up the courage to try on the various sports for the first time,Such was the aura of NCL. The fervor shown by the students was commendable. The supporters also came out in large numbers & cheered for their teams, making the event a huge success.NCL truly brought up the spirit of sportsmanship and team work within one and all.

(Contetnt courtesy:Sportzzcomm ;Photo courtesy:Pratikriti)


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Street Smart

Swayam-The Entrepreneurship club of IMNU  yet again came up with its flagship event “Street Smart“,a platform for the budding managers to invest,trade and earn.The event tested all the skills needed to be an MBA,be it marketing,financing and most importantly it tested ones entrepreneurship skills.

The three day event had a head start with a number of teams coming up with innovative ideas and B-plans.After a deep analysis,ten teams were shortlisted.Then began the battle of business.Participant teams approached and marketed their plans on both online as well as offline modes in a number of ways like Facebook publicity,posters,flyers,providing free samples.All of this added to the excitement people had for the event.

The event reached its climax,when the teams had an actual face off on grounds of the market.Richter ground of IMNU took a festive mood with the team members putting up all their efforts to grab every single customer.Considering the fact that the teams were being tested on different parameters ,winners were also declared along three lines.The winner for marketing was team”Bournvita Cafe“,where as the title for smart team was given to team “Nirma Pakodi Center“.The title for best team was given to  team”RAPS“.The event was a perfect blend of management learning coated with lots of fun.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm; Photo courtesy: Swayam Club)


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