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E-Insights is a series of talk shows with leading entrepreneurs of the industry. Swayam, The Entrepreneurship Club, successfully organised the first episode of season 2 of E-Insights on September 7th, 2016. It is especially aimed at nurturing the ‘futurepreneurs’ of Nirma University.

The craze and excitement to hear from the speaker was clearly visible as the classroom venue was already filled 10 minutes before time. The Speaker for the first chapter of E-Insights 2016 was Mr. Snehal Desai, Senior Vice President, Adani Group. Mr. Snehal Desai, a B.Tech from CEPT and an MBA from Gujarat University, is also a freelance writer for Indian Express and Economic Times. He is also a visiting faculty at some of the prominent B-schools of the country such as IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIFT Delhi and other such institutes. Apart from work, he has a keen interest in music. His passion for music can be reflected in his being a lead guitarist in a rock band.

Having witnessed a fantastic session by Mr. Desai during Season 1 of E-Insigths, IMNU students were looking forward to what was about to come. Mr. Desai emphasised on executing ideas without the fear of failing, rather than wasting time on planning. He was of a view that good planners remain pathetic executers unless they act upon their plan. In a question on how to deal with the society criticism, he explained how people criticize when you leave your dream and how the same people join you the moment when you deliver success. He advised the students to not lose their originality in the process of becoming a successful MBA professional.

Mr. Desai was a bundle of energy as he answered audience questions as well as a ‘Rapid Fire’ round. When asked, he shared that his role model is Mahatma Gandhi and his biggest Inspiration is Music. As a last piece of advice, he suggested the ‘futurepreneurs’ to be alcoholic and decide upon one alcohol that would keep the desire burning – a desire to do something extra-ordinary. Music, undoubtedly, remains the alcohol that keeps Mr. Desai lively and passionate.

Swayam Club was happy to hear some great feedbacks and is taking this as their alcohol to keep the fire burning.


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Socks were pulled and laces were tightened as all the sections prepared for the annual Inter-Sectional Football tournament – COPA. The tournament was to start on the 1st day of September but the lords of the weather had different ideas. The tournament was delayed by a day following rains and finally kicked off on the 2nd of September, 2016.

The delay though, if anything, only added to the excitement as students turned up to watch the maiden match of the tournament between the Barbarians and the Junior Section-B team. What followed was nothing short of a revelation. Both the teams played with the highest of intensities and grit throughout the match. The balance ultimately tilted towards the Junior Section-B as they beat one of the favorites by a goal to nil. This result set a tone for the rest of the competition and unpredictability was the only predictable thing. The second day was no less exciting. In the early kickoff, the Airavats and the Junior Section-C teams locked horns. The match was started in full throttle by the Airavats who eventually ended up on the losing side at the end. Junior Section-C beat them by 2-0 to progress to the next round. What followed was a marvelous display of grit by Junior Section-D who faced Crusaders in their first match. At the blow of the final whistle, Crusaders ended up on the losing side with the sole goal from the Junior Section-D being the difference.That was the end of the early fixtures and all eyes waited for the evening fixture between Shehzaades and Junior FBE team. The Junior FBE already impressed the crowd before kickoff as their lineup included 3 girls amongst other boys. The result though wasn’t on the same side. A stellar display from the Shehzaades saw them win the match by 2-0. The third day of the competition began with an early kickoff between the Dronas and the BBA-MBA teams’ pursuit of the winning moment. The Dronas, with a dominating display, lead at the end of the first half by 1-0 and seemed to be the ones going into the next round. The BBA-MBA team had different ideas though. A comeback from them saw the Dronas on the losing side as the match ended with 2-1 to the BBA-MBA team. With this, the first round of games ended as Junior Section-A had got a Bye. All the Junior sections, barring the Junior FBE, moved into the next round along with the BBA-MBA and the Shehzaades. The two teams that won by 2 goals directly moved to the Semi-Finals ( Shehzaade and Junior Section-C) while the others had to compete for the spots of Semi-Finalists.

The evening kickoff on the third day saw Junior-B team fighting it out with the Junior-D team to earn the semi-final spot. With both teams giving it their all, Junior-B managed to clinch the tie with one goal to nil as they proceeded to the Semis. The other Quarter-final between the Junior-A team and the BBA-MBA team couldn’t kickoff as the BBA-MBA team couldn’t turn up for the fixture and Junior-A were given a direct ticket to the Semis.

The semi-finals took place in the early hours of the fourth day. The first fixture was between the Junior-B and Junior-C. A scintillating display of a resilient defense from Junior-C against the relentless attack of Junior-B was on display. The match seemed to end in a deadlock until Junior-B got a penalty following a handball from one of the Junior-C player. The penalty though, was saved by the keeper who unfortunately guided the rebound to another Junior-B player who managed to convert the chance into the winning goal. That was the moment of success and Junior-B qualified to the final of the competition and assured themselves a medal. The second semi-final was then played between the Shehzaades and the Junior-A teams to determine who’d be fighting the Junior-B team for the all-coveted title. The match began with some dominance from Junior-A and an equally patient attitude from the Shehzaades. Both the teams failed to score within the regulation time which meant the match would be decided by penalty shoot-out. The pressure was high and the reward great. With the Junior-A players converting all their shots and one of the Shehzaades missing theirs, the Junior-A team clinched the spot in the Finals by 5-4 in the penalties.

All eyes were on the two teams that had made it to the Final of the tournament, Junior-A and Junior-B. The intensity was as high as it could possibly get and both the teams were prepared to put everything on the line for the glory that could follow. The match kicked off and wait for the revelation of the Champions was now only a few minutes. The Junior-B team dominated the initial moments of the match with a goal in the early minutes giving them the lead over the opposition. The organized game from the Junior-B seemed to have made them the favorites to win the game. The Junior-A boys had different ideas in their minds. It didn’t take a long time for the Junior-A team to rise from the early deficit and get their heads up. The second half saw the Junior-A team consistently putting pressure on the opposition with relentless attacks. This pressure ultimately led to a late late equalizer from the Junior-A team and the regulation time ended with a score 1-1. What followed was an extra time of 10 minutes with 2 halves. The high-intense drama continued in the extra time with Junior-B scoring a goal only to be disallowed later due to a foul. The scores remained at parity post the extra time as well. The penalties would decide the winner! It was a similar scenario for the Junior-A who had already came out as winners in a penalty shootout in the semis. For Junior-B though, the shootouts seemed to be an unexplored territory. This became evident as the shootout started. The players from Junior-A all converted their shots while the Junior-B team did the exact opposite. With the Captain of the Junior-B missing his shot at the goal, the Junior-A emerged as the Champions with a score-line of 3-0 in the penalties. Scenes of celebration followed as Junior-A had done something which other Section-A teams had failed to do in recent years. The sportsmanship though didn’t vanish in the fountain of celebrations. Players from both teams appreciated the efforts from each other to be the best two teams of the tournament.

The teams also appreciated the efforts of the SportzzzComm for organizing the event with such swiftness despite the weather conditions not exactly being in their favor.

Out of Box

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Being unique is the best thing an individual can do for himself. As Albert Einstein quoted “Innovation has no boundaries to imagination, hence imagination is more important than knowledge”. Taking this forward, Sumantra club of IMNU organized an event “Out of Box” to encourage the uniqueness of every individual that he/she is gifted with.

The event started off with excitement among the participants about the event.  The event name already made participants ignite their innovative brain cells, while enigma around the theme added to the restlessness of the participants. The buzz began growing louder and louder until the curtains were lowered.

The theme consisted of picking up a chit that consisted of any novel story along with any one of its prominent character. The second chit to be picked consisted of any random character that would be swapped with the first cheat’s character, with the basic theme of the story remaining the same. There was no limitation to innovation as participants were allowed to use sketches, any language form, dictionaries, summaries for understanding the novel story, etc. The time started ticking.

With the end of given time duration, the story had to be completed only till interval. The stories were collected and auctioned in such a way that no participant gets his/her own story again. Moreover, participant bidding with lowest no of words was entitled to choose the story of his/her own choice. The more the creativity, more the chances to win provided the word limit was maintained inside the bid limit.

The final phase ticked off with more pressure to perform requiring supreme level of creativity, imagination, writing skills and pulling it off. The stories were different; the 2nd half had to be thought completely uniquely with no clues from what first participant would have thought.

The time concluded, so did the horizons of imagination. A perfect balance of articulating creative thinking into words meant that the winner would have it all in him. Dhruval Thakar of Section A stole the pride by being the one man army to take it all. He won the competition after riding through grueling rounds of judgment. INR 1500 worth of amazon coupons were awarded to the winner for exhibiting highest levels of creativity sketched gracefully on a piece of paper. While the runners up were team Underground consisting of Abhyuday tiwari, aziz chatriwala and akshar tandel  taking away INR 1000 worth amazon coupons.

In the end, the uniqueness won. The individuals dug deep inside themselves to value the fine piece of art made by god. Imagination creates, but creativity is what defines oneself.

Fourth Institute Seminar 2016-17

The fourth Institute Seminar Lecture Series was conducted on Friday, 26th August, 2016. The lecturer for the day was Mr. Amit Lall, Associate Vice President, Mobile Business at Omnicom Media Group. Mr. Lall has previously worked with Mobile2Win and ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. He is a mociologist who takes interest in exploring the mobile world and learning more about it.

The topic for the session was, “Landscape and Opportunity in Mobile Marketing”. He began the session by giving the students a brief idea of the mobile industry of India. Mobile growth is moving into media, advertising, software and services and new devices are expanding the meaning of “mobile” these days. He told the students about the marketing practices that his company takes up.
The main topic of discussion was mobile marketing. He said that there lies huge potential for growth in the mobile industry. He talked about the present scenario of mobile marketing in India. Growth is largely dependent on the penetration of mobiles in the heart of the nation and the rural market represents great opportunities for the same. On the basis of their specifications, usage and market share, he drew a comparison between feature phones and smartphones. While the market for smartphones is booming in urban areas, the sales in rural areas are negligible. On the contrary, feature phones are prominent in rural India.
Smartphones are increasingly dominating the mobile market. However, economical and functional aspects create a barrier in its sales. These barriers need to be broken so as to penetrate the market even more. Mr. Lall added that the Government initiatives such as Digital India and others such as Reliance Jio also play a role in the growth of the industry. He took the session further by explaining to the students some of the tools of mobile marketing such as SMS, MMS, USSD , voice etc. He added that Big Data plays a key role in the expansion of this industry as it has a number of applications in it.
He ended the session by answering some of the questions that students had. The session helped the students gain valuable insights on the topic which will be of great use to them in their future endeavors.


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The evening of the 19th of August started off with hordes of people moving out of hostel to participate in Finanza – An event organized by Finesse – the Finance Club of IMNU. The excitement was at the peak as this was the first competitive event of Finesse after their interactive event Fintalk.

The participants were assigned different classrooms and by the time the clock struck 5:00, everyone was at their seats and waited for the first round to start. The first round was named ‘IndusTree’. In a time period of six minutes, all the teams had to write down names of companies under a given sector. As soon as the sheets were distributed, the minds started running and the pen in the hands followed. When the time was up, participants could finally calm down. Most of the teams looked hopeful to qualify for the next round, unfortunately only 25 were to go! As the sheets were collected for evaluation, an interesting game was played out as a filler. The contestants were asked riddles and some general knowledge questions which all the participants seemed eager to answer. After a few minutes came the time for results and the teams which were to advance in the next round were announced.

All those qualified, moved on to the venue of the next round. Full to the capacity, the classroom was booming with the energy of the participants. The second round was named ‘Fousie’. It was a business version of the renowned Housie. The teams were given a sheet which contained the logos of various companies. The participants were asked to identify the correct company using a hint on the projector which lasted 15 seconds each. The top six teams which managed to get maximum correct answers were to advance in the ultimate round. Once the second round ended, a generous gesture followed. Refreshments were distributed to the participants by Finesse which re-energized them. Also keychains were distributed as a part of Finesse merchandize to all.

The final round was held in the rear lawn of the IMNU building. All the finalists were prepared to win and excitement was at a new high now. The final round, which was named ‘Finplay’ was an event that tested the acumen of the participants at the same time giving them their share of fun. The round was based on the famous game which we all once played – ‘Snakes and Ladders’. All the teams were asked to send one of their members to walk the board while the other would throw the dice. Each arrival on the ladder meant that a couple of questions were to be asked to the team. If they answered both of them correctly, they were allowed to traverse the full ladder, one correct answer only got them halfway while incorrect answers meant they could climb the ladder! Similarly, two questions were asked each time a player stepped on a serpent’s mouth. A correct answer meant they’d only go down halfway while getting both answers brought them down the entire length. The fun that the teams seemed to have was a sight to watch! A great twist at the end summarized the evening full of excitement. A team had reached the penultimate box and was just one step away from the win. But alas! They couldn’t land the required ‘1’ on the dice in time to stop another team clinching the win from them.

The evening ended with prize distribution. Where a team called ‘Pacmen’ were given the winning prize, all the teams went back as winners!