Seventh Institute Seminar 2016-17

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The seventh Institute Seminar was conducted on 14th October, 2016. Mr. Maharana Ray, Head HR at Bajaj Auto Ltd. was the speaker for the session. Mr. Ray has an experience of working at different domains at Bajaj Auto Ltd. He has visited 28 countries as a part of his work. This has helped him understand the work culture of different countries.
The topic for discussion was, ‘Trends and Challenges Faced in Automobile Sector’. Mr. Ray began the session by showing a video, The Unbeatable, to the students. The video showed how Bajaj has evolved and has grown over the years, right from the pre-independence era to the modern times. He shared various experiences out of which the students could gather important life lessons.
He said that everything that one does in life should have some purpose. One must be focused and passionate and must strive for perfection, power and productivity. He said that Bajaj, as an organization striving to maintain its position in the market, keeps in mind the three facets of strategy for differentiation, brand focus and lean operations. This is what helps it to attain the number one position in the industry. According to him, even we as students can apply these facets in our lives in order to achieve success.
He said that one must stand for ones strengths and be a specialist rather than being a generalist. Just as a company is known by its brand, an individual will be known by his strengths. He added that failures are a part of life and one must not be bowed down by them. Instead, one should be different, focused and should set SMART objectives in life. Focusing on problems makes life difficult, so one should fearlessly work towards attaining solution to those problems. Also, one should take risks in life because success gives opportunities to lead while failure gives one the guidance required in life.
He ended the session by taking some questions from the audience. He alleged that, in difficulty one must be honest, in wealth one must be simple and in anger one must be silent. One should always remember that the opposite of winning is learning, so sometimes you win and sometimes you learn!


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On 13th October, 2016, XQuizIT- the quizzing club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organized Bizquiz, a business-based quiz.

There were three rounds in total. 28 teams participated in the first round. It was written round with 20 questions related to recent mergers and acquisitions, general awareness, logic, finance domain and others of the sort.

The first round screened out almost half of the teams and 17 teams qualified for the second round. Out of these, 8 teams were shortlisted to play the final round in Bizquiz. This round was based on pouncing and bouncing methods. There were 4 sub rounds with 4 questions in each round. The quizmaster explained the pouncing and bouncing method prior to the round to all the teams. Each round had its own variety of questions and the difficulty level increased after each round. Any dispute regarding any question or points given was solved by the quizmaster. This round was the most interesting round of the event. The event ended with a tie-breaker for the third position which was won by team Tic-Tac.

The winners were team Incredibles. The first and second runners up respectively, were, team Decepticons and team Tic-Tac. The event ended with prize distribution and photography session of Xquizit members with the winners.

Sixth Institue Seminar 2016-17

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On the 7th October, 2016, the Institute of Management, Nirma University witnessed the Sixth Institute Seminar for the current academic year delivered by Mrs. Varsha Mondkar, Head-HR & Management Services, SBI Life, Mumbai.
The Kaizen Committee organized the lecture series to give the students a feel of the industry perspective of life insurance business. Mrs. Mondkar first elucidated about the operations of any insurance company and went on to explain the HR practices and policies of SBI Life.
She emphasized that the core function of HR remains the same in both public and private sector. Any business needs to balance out its business goals with the requirements of its employees. From her 29 years of experience at SBI, she shares her views on the growing interests towards insurance, attributing it to factors like innovative products and distribution channels, high population and rising per capita income in the country. She also expressed her concern over the fact that only 15% of the total Indian wealth is invested in insurance. This shows the low penetration of the insurance industry; but on the brighter side, it also brings with it a lot of scope for growth.
She then moved on to explain the HR functions practiced at SBI Life. She grouped them into “Hiring and On-boarding, Inspiring, Thanking, Listening, Speaking, Developing and Celebrating.” One of the very interesting HR activities that she shared was that they plant a sapling in their campus to celebrate their employees’ birthdays. This initiative is called “Grow Trees”.

Saral Foundation Day

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The students of IMNU – on 2nd October, 2016 – celebrated the Saral Foundation Day. ‘Saral’ was formed in 2009 with an aim to help the underprivileged kids of the construction workers of Nirma University. It has now grown in reach and coordinates with various schools which offer support to educate these kids.
The celebration started around 3 PM in the afternoon. The kids had come along with their parents to be a part of the celebration. Various fun events were organized for their entertainment. One of the students presented a standup comedy. The atmosphere was filled with laughter when he started unfolding his humorous punches. Other students played musical instruments and sung various songs. Various fun games were also organized for the children. They were given study tables and lunch boxes as presents which will help them to study better.
It was a delight to watch both the Saral family and the students of IMNU enjoy the day.

Alumni Day – 2016

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The Institute of Management, Nirma University celebrated the Alumni Day on 1st October, 2016. Around 200 alumni along with their family members attended the nostalgic reunion. This two-day event was organized by the Kaizen Committee of IMNU.
The alumni were welcomed with badges and goodie bags. After registration, they were free to move around the campus. The committee had stalls for purchase of Nirma merchandise. Also, a stall of craft items prepared by the children of Saral Foundation was put up to raise funds for them. The alumni didn’t miss the chance to get themselves clicked at the photo booth near the registration desk.
An interaction session, Back to School was also arranged for. The alumni interacted with the faculty members during this session and relived their classroom memories. The alumni then proceeded for lunch. A general body meeting was conducted after this to discuss on the current trends in the industry.
The alumni then proceeded to the auditorium for a variety of addresses and performances. The chief guest for the session was Mr. Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief, BW|Businessworld. Mr. Anurag Batra is a serial entrepreneur, media mogul, a journalist and an eternal optimist rolled into one. The Chief Guest unveiled the ‘Al-Inc’ magazine during the event. The theme for the session was ‘Breaking Through’. He shared his views on the importance of alumni meets. He said that one should not be afraid of failures in life as everything that one starts in life gives him opportunities to learn. All the alumni gave a brief introduction of their whereabouts after this.
The evening was taken forward with an awards session. Mr. Nimish Vohra was given the Young Achievers Award. The Emerging Entrepreneur Award of 2016 was given to Mr. Tapas Gupta. The Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement was given to Mr. Himanshu Pandya who belonged to batch 1999-01. Dr. Sameer Pingle from the institute was honoured with the Best Associate Professor award during the session.
The evening then proceeded with various performances. The first on line was the dance performance by the Saral kids. This was followed by a performance of a medley of songs by Fiesta, the Music and Dance Club and a skit by Chehre, the Dramatics Club. Through their skit, they delivered a very strong message that it’s not the people who should be idealized, but it is the circumstances that ought to show the worst or the best. The skit was followed by a sparkling group dance performance by Fiesta. The auditorium session came to an end with this.
This was followed by “Walkathon”: Walk for 20 Years of IMNU. The walk started at the Institute main gate and ended at the back lawns where dinner was then served. They interacted with their juniors during dinner to share something from their pool of experiences and knowledge and addressed personal and professional queries. This was followed by a musical night where everyone danced together to the beats of energetic songs.The alumni strolled around the campus till late in the night to re-live the memories of their days at IMNU. Cherishing each moment and experiencing every memory,the amlumni became students once again!