Being Convocated!

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It was an occasion embracing the joy of a festival, surrounded with the enthusiasm of pride. 25th of April 2015, a memorable day for many of the fellow Nirmayan’s as they bid adieu to their two year journey of MBA. Yes it was the ‘Convocation Ceremony’. The 19th Convocation of Nirma University was celebrated with utmost happiness in the presence of Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India.

After welcoming the Chief Guest, Dr. K. K. Patel, President, Nirma University declared the convocation open. The students of the Institute of Management and Law received their degrees and along with them, 12 students from the Institute of Management, Pharmacy, Technology and Science were conferred the title of Doctor of Philosophy.

Students came up one after the other to live that moment of ‘Being Convocated’. Meanwhile, the family and friends of these students had that one-of-its-kind smile on their face. That smile of pride and exuberance. It was a rare moment, when having accomplished one of their dreams, the students headed towards achieving many other. They now have with them the precious learning and relations of last two years. There were lots of “We will meet soon” and “You will do great ahead”. No one knows what life may bring for them but undoubtedly, these two years will always be with them for their endeavors ahead.

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Cross Roads….

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

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On the eve of 14th March 2015, we celebrated the new beginning of the lives of the 2013-15 batch. Following the tradition of IMNU, the junior batch said goodbye to their seniors and wished them luck for the journey ahead.

Every junior felt the sorrow of the moment. The seniors who have been guides, mentors, friends and sometimes also partner-in-crime for the juniors, are now on the journey outside the gates of IMNU. Every junior would agree that they have helped us in every bit and in every way along different phases of our MBA journey.All the juniors have tons of memories of their times with the seniors. They always stood as a guide, be it the guidance for stream selection or the guidance to nearest food joint. Undoubtedly, nothing would be the same, a few days from now. Be it the sports ground or the Student activity council, the mess or hum sab ka pyaara “RD”. There will be a void in everything.

However difficult may the Good Bye part be.We are extremely happy for all the seniors who are now moving ahead in their lives. And with all the love we had for them, we danced to the full that night. There were photographs taken allover to hold on as many moments as possible. The enthusiasm to wish luck for a new beginning was so much on everyone’s mind that even the Rain god wasn’t able to contain and yes it rained in March…..

(Content Courtesy: Abhinav Prakash, Photo Courtey: Cultcomm)

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On 21st March, Saturday, news junction organized the event RE|BE|L – REad BEtween Lines”. Eight groups participated in this event. And there were three rounds in the event with their cumulative scores being considered for deciding winners for the event.

The first round involved locating the headlines in the various newspapers provided by us in the minimum time possible. The second round was a quiz round and the third round involved prioritizing the page one headlines and scores were given on the basis of frequency of occurrences among the participating teams.

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The heart touching melody…

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IMNU’s Club Fiesta in association with SPIC MACAY organized an evening of Legendary Flute Maestro “Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia” on 2nd March, 2015 at IMNU auditorium. It was a university level event and was appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd. The auditorium was filled by the eminent guests from outside the campus. We also had the presence of faculty members and alumni of the college. Whole environment was filled with the purity of the music emancipating from the flute. It was indeed mesmerizing.

In the middle of the event people also interacted with Panditji and asked some questions about classical music. The night was enjoyed by all, and the audience was mesmerized by the soulful performance of Panditji.

(Content Courtesy: Mansi Maheshwari , Photo Courtesy: Fiesta Club) 

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Carnival, the flagship event of IMNU Club Fiesta was yet again organised with the same level of rigor and enthusiasm, that it is famous for. It is a week long event in which the club conducts lot many activities. Carnival 2015 had a kick start with a Jam Session.

The next three days were meant for the Dance Workshop. Professional dance instructors were called for the three day workshop. It was a perfect way to relive all the stress of the otherwise busy life and dance to the beats of Zumba. On the third day, all the partners made a presentation of what they had learnt in the past few days.

To add that “Cherry to the cake”, the last day of Carnival uncovered the most important part of the one week long extravaganza .It was RHYTHM, an inter class war of talent. There was again active participation from everyone especially seniors. It was a pleasure to see even non-dancers stand for their classes and dance for one last time on the stage.

The charm of Carnival reached a new height, when the Flute Maestro Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia conjured audience with the beauty of his art.

Needless to say, the event was a great entertainment treat for everyone. Hoping to create the same magic all over again.

(Content Courtesy: Mansi Gupta, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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