Fintalk 2.0

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On Monday evening, 8th August 2016, Finesse: The Finance Club of IMNU presented their event Fintalk 2.0 on the very interesting topic Financial Independence. The guest for the event, Mr. Jatin Hura, Founder of Findependence Solutions. Mr. Hura shed light on financial independence and easy personal financing tips to the students. In a candid chat with The Media Committee, Mr. Hura talked about his concept: ‘Findependence’ short for financial independence which is the ability when an individual starts to think before spending his/her money i.e. whether that money will generate him more income or will simply be wasted.

Sharing tips on spending money the right way, he explained how SIPs were an excellent avenue to invest for long term gains. He added that the key to gain more was to start early. He also vouched for Mutual Funds as a safe and fulfilling option.

Mr. Hura appreciated the students and their interest in a topic that most youngsters may not think twice about. As a last message for the students Mr. Hura quoted, “Say no to thinking much and yes to logical thinking and to start investing!”

Friendship Day Celebration by SARAL

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On a fine Sunday morning of 7th August 2016, a group of enthusiastic, responsible and dedicated youth was seen assembling at the canteen in IMNU. Saral Foundation had arranged for a Celebration of Friendship Day in conjunction with the Rotaract Club of IMNU (RCIMNU). It was unique in its own way, as the club members, along with other IMNU students celebrated this Friendship Day with children of workers working at the construction site of IMNU.

Saral, Rotaract and students of IMNU exchanged Friendship Day bands with the children. Rotaract members gifted Umbrellas to the kids and Saral members gifted Sandals. The kids were running with joy with Umbrellas in their hands and flaunting their new Sandals. Dharmesh, the youngest 3 year old lad couldn’t stop blushing with happiness and that moment brought smiles all around. Refreshment and Games were also arranged for the ‘Young Friends’. Kids were pampered with all the gifts, chocolates and the love they received from their ‘New Friends’.

A cloth drive initiated by Saral club initially, was now a source for members also gifted some clothes to residents of a nearby slum. The smiles on their faces were a gift to IMNU this Friendship Day!


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The evening of 28th July saw scores of students gathered in the mess. The reason? The marketing club of IMNU – Niche was hosting their first event Brandwizer.

The hype was at a new high thanks to a pre-event online contest. Dozens of students flaunted their creativity in groups in pursuit of the winning prize. Catchy captions, creativity in pictures and branding were the key factors in this competition. People enthusiastically participated and even the audience on the social media were intrigued by the level of competence shown in branding.

 The main event though was the apple of everyone’s eyes. As the participants arrived in the mess, empty seats seemed to be rarest of the rare sights! The first round kicked off and the pencils in the contestants’ hands never stopped dancing. The riddles, the crosswords tested the brand knowledge of the teams. The 4-minute round ended in a blink of an eye as the sheets were taken for evaluation.

 As a filler between the round and the results though, an interesting game was conducted by the hosts. Few of the participants volunteered and were asked to recite brand names as many as they could in one go. Exciting prizes were given to the winners.

 When the results finally arrived, only 20 teams survived the first challenge and qualified for the second one. The second round witnessed a challenge between four teams at a time with each member of the team having equal participation. That was a test of knowledge of how well one knew brands and their taglines. One team from the pool of four each qualified for the final round.

 The ultimate challenge for the finalists was as exciting as it could get. It was all about teamwork, instinct and brand knowledge. The round was named Impressions. As the name suggests, one of the team member had to guess the brand after being blindfolded and given a 3D impression of the same. Once guessed, a clue was given for a place using which the other team members had to make a brand-web with ambassadors.

 The students seemed to have a great time off their routine which really was refreshing to see. As this was the first event of Niche for the juniors, the expectations have certainly risen with such a great beginning.

Third Institute Seminar 2016-17

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As a part of the Institute Seminar Series, the institute was graced by the presence of Mr. Abhay Joshi, Head of Human Resource and Administration Department, Suzuki Motors, Gujarat. He addressed the audience on ‘Excellence and best practices in the Manufacturing Sector’. This was the Third ‘Institute Seminar’ for the current academic year.

Mr. Abhay Joshi has rich experience of 30+ years in Automotive Industry during which he has effectively performed Leadership role in companies like Suzuki, Tata Motors and New Holland Tractors , Eicher Group. Mr. Joshi has done his Master’s in Business Administration from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi, post his technical education in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a certified Coach and Trainer. He has worked across functions of Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing, Training and Development and Employee Relation and Human Resource. This enabled him to get exposure and learning across business Value Chain and understand the integration for sustained Business Results.

He started with the aspects that drive the organization towards success. According to him, right from the manufacturing to the people in the organization, nothing could be improved unless it is monitored. He also shared in depth details about the Cultural Integration between India and Japan. The students were amazed by the real life experiences shared by him. Mr. Joshi introduced 3 Mu’s – Muda, Mura and Muri – three Japanese words that roughly translate into Waste (non valuing adding), Variation and Excess Physical Burden. Students also got to know about the 3G Japanese principle where the 3Gs denote Gemba, Gembutsu and Genjitsu. He ended his knowledge sharing with a question: What comes first – Organizational Success or Culture? and left behind this topic for the audience to continue the discussion offline.


Chess Workshop by Fenil Shah

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Fenil Shah, currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering (4th year) from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, has been an international chess player from the age of 8. From the age of 4, he started exploring this brilliant game, and is still enjoying the journey after 16 years of sheer hard work, practice and passion. At the tender age of 8, he won three titles at the British Championship along with a few other Indians who won there. “And that is probably why Indians were hence banned from all British Championships to come…” chuckles Fenil.

He is the holder a significant feat, also covered in the Limca Book of Records, of playing chess with 128 people simultaneously for 8 hours without a break. He was honored with the prestigious Eklavya Award by the State Government, when he was 15.He has represented India in the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships for several years. He was also ranked third in the world for under 14 chess tournaments.

This workshop on Chess was organized to mark the event of International Chess Day, celebrated on 20th July every year. The workshop was planned and coordinated by Parin Choksi of MBA-FT (SY), with the motive to play and promote chess at the student-level.

The workshop started off with a friendly match between Fenil and one of the participants, wherein he showed some smart moves one can use while playing. He then demonstrated what they call the “ Magic Chess” which was an entirely new concept for the students at IMNU, since most of them were beginners in the game. 

Fenil also talked about the various types of opening and defense schemes. On being asked, he says the Sicilian Defense is his favorite with black and likes to start with E4 when he is white. The Scandinavian and Note boom defense are also on his list, while he also chooses to take the Dynamic Opening sometimes.

Fenil shared how Chess has helped him build self-confidence, immense concentration and patience over these years. He also spoke about how it teaches you to deal with “time pressure” and gives you a natural instinct of decision making while you play through these years.

The workshop was attended and appreciated by the students who had that dormant interest for chess in their hearts, but could never tap that block.