Event Stories

Parichay- The Junior-Senior Mixer of BBA

Abhivyakti, the Cultural Committee of BBA-MBA Integrated Programme, organized Parichay- The Official Junior-Senior Mixer. The event was organized on 20th September 2017, for the freshmen to interact with their seniors. The students had planned fun and interactive activities through which the newcomers could have a good time and know their seniors better in a relaxed environment. [...]


Old Age Home Visit

Mavericks, the Social Committee of BBA-MBA Integrated Program, organized a visit to the Hiramani Old Age Home on 14th September 2017 to spend time with and interact with the residents of the old age home. The students had planned activities through which the audience could enjoy themselves and have a little break from the monotony [...]

“Brand Management and Advertising Management” by Mr. Naved Qureshi, Vice President, Marketing at Janalakshmi Financial Services

THIRD INSTITUTE SEMINAR 2017-19 The guest for the Third Institute Seminar at the Institute of Management, Nirma University was Mr. Naved Qureshi. He has more than 16 years of experience in Marketing Strategies and Communication, Brand & Category Management. He has worked in various industries such as FMCG, F&B, Fashion, Retail and Banking. Currently, he [...]

Pragaman 2.0- The Entrepreneurship Conclave

PRAGAMAN 2.0, the Entrepreneurship Conclave of Institute of Management, Nirma University, was organized by SWAYAM - The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU. The conclave took place on 7th September 2017 with the theme “Re-Engineering Entrepreneurship”. Pragaman 2.0 meaning 'Progression' is a one-day conclave for young and aspiring entrepreneurs from the student fraternity. It is a platform [...]

गुरुCool- Teachers’ Day Celebration

Abhivyakti, the Cultural Committee of BBA, celebrated Teachers' Day on 5th September, 2017, in a different style. Instead of the usual dressing up in Indian formals, taking classes and imitating professors, they decided to bring the professors on stage for some interactive entertainment. The celebration was named गुरुCool and the event incorporated fun games like 'The Selfie Scavenger Hunt', [...]