Budget Watch

Finnesse – The Finance Club of IMNU organized an expert session on the Union Budget with Mr Sunil Parekh – Strategic Advisor at Zydus Cadilla. The panel also included Prof RJ Mody, Prof Bindi Mehta and Prof M Mallikarjun.

L to R: Prof Bindi Mehta, Prof RJ Mody, Mr Sunil Parikh, Prof M Mallikarjun

L to R: Prof Bindi Mehta, Prof RJ Mody, Mr Sunil Parikh, Prof M Mallikarjun

Mr Parikh sought to start his presentation on the Budget by asking the audience – “Kya Vakahi Acche Din Aane Wale Hain?” He stressed the importance of the budget for everyone in the country saying that the Budget was a document that would play a key role in determining the demand in the domestic sector, the growth rate of the economy, issues related to raising money for the business, the exchange rate of the Indian currency and above all, the profitability and growth rate of the companies in the country. In the past few years, there has been a loss of economic growth from a high of 9.6% to as low as 4.3% due to the effects of the global slowdown, impacts of weather, monetary tightening by the central bank and subsequent loss of investment. He pointed out that the new government could have started the budget session by outlining a road-map for the next 5-10 years which would have given the country a fair idea of how the government plans to tackle the difficult economic scenario. The budget may have disappointed all those with high expectations, but there are some key announcements which are noteworthy:
1- A firm emphasis on taking faster decisions would speed up the pending projects and add value.
2- Proposal for tribal entrepreneurship and MSME support worth ₹ 10,000 crore each is noteworthy as this would lead to development of the backward regions.
3- Opening up of defence, insurance and real estate sectors for FDI
4- 100% FDI allowed in e-commerce will accelerate the pace of e-commerce in India
5- Manufacturing will receive a boost following the proposal for developing four Industrial Corridors and 20 industrial clusters.
6- Initiatives for gas grids, slurry pipelines, Low Income Housing, creation of trusts for investing in Real Estate and Infrastructure are noteworthy
Concluding his part, Mr Parikh said that the economy will receive a push if all proposals are implemented properly. At the same time, he cautioned that “acche din” will be some time away as the economy will slowly revive itself from 4.3% to 5.6% in the next fiscal. He termed the budget forecast of 8% growth as “an ambitious target” which, nevertheless, will be hard to achieve.

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Earlier in the session, Prof Bindi Mehta sought to emphasize the need for independence of the fiscal policy on the lines of monetary policy. Prof Mody remarked that the budget was practical, made a good beginning and looked at areas of convergence rather than divergence. He hoped for more clarity on GST, subsidies, application of labor laws and environmental laws and the need of auditing of MGNREGA. Prof Mallikarjun said that the budget was a sign of political maturity in the country as the second interim budget was a continuation of the first interim budget unveiled by the UPA-2 government. The budget also looks more towards the private sector in its contribution to investment. He remarked that the government has taken some steps in the right direction such as creating an expenditure commission, clarity on retrospective taxation, etc.

The session concluded with a Q&A round with the audience.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Institute Lecture Series: Indian Consumer Behaviour in the Apparel Industry

The first Institute Lecture for the academic year 2014-15 was delivered by Mr. Peush Narang, Director – Antar Advisors Pvt. Limited on Indian Consumer Behaviour in the context of Apparel Purchase. The session was chaired by Dr P.K. Yadav.

Peush Narang

Mr. Narang pointed out that the Indian economy was expected to grow fast in the next decade. This growth was expected to be driven by the consumption of the young population of India. The demographic dividend gives India an advantage over other economies and it is well-poised to use that advantage. The analysis of the textile industry can be done through the perspectives of a manufacturer and of a consumer. From the perspective of a manufacturer, the analysis could be in terms of which fibre is being used in the production of apparel. Primarily, there are two types of fibres: natural and synthetic. In the year 1990, the share of natural fibres was nearly 50% globally. Now, led by the increased use and manufacture by China, man-made fibres constitute nearly 70%  in the manufacture of apparel.

Peush Narang

Speaking of India, the textile industry employs the highest manpower after agriculture and contributes nearly 14% to the GDP of the Indian economy. In 2014, India became the second largest exporter of textiles in the world and currently holds 5% market share in the world textiles market. Of all the apparel manufactured in India, 42% is menswear, 38% is women’s wear and kids’ wear constitute 20% . The share of the women’s wear is gradually but surely increasing as more and more women start joining the workforce and seek modern dress for the workplace. Currently, this segment is growing the fastest among all the segments in the industry.

Peush Narang

As far as international trade is concerned, EU and US are the biggest trade partners with India. Mr Narang also looked at different variables affecting the industry in terms of traditional wear, jeans and explained the trends of consumption as well as aspects as harmful dyes, waste management, electricity consumption management and water management.  The growth of online shopping is emerging as a threat to the traditional brick and kiln stores in cities. Companies will have to look at different strategies to combat the onslaught of online stores in the short-term. In the long term, they eventually will have to start some kind of online presence to survive in the market. Coming to environmental sensibility, a survey found that Indians are among the most conscious in this aspect with nearly 90% of respondents preferring cotton over other materials.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Abhinav Raghuvanshi)

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Xquizit – The Quizzing Club conducted its first event for the current academic year – Kwiz-Buzz. Ten teams of two participants each participated in the event held on 10th July, 2014. There were two rounds. The first round was an elimination round in which five teams were eliminated. The remaining five teams advanced to the next round where they were grilled on their General Knowledge. It was a close finish as two teams battled it out till the last question for the winners’ position. The first prize was won by Rohan Pradhan and Anoop Awasthi while the second prize was won by Kevin Simon and Gagan Singhal.

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Earlier in the week, Xquizit conducted an online quiz event – Rubaru – as a prelude to Kwiz-Buzz. The winners of this contest were Nirbhay Miglani and Shailesh Soni.

(Content Courtesy: Varun Rai and Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Anjali Nair)

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Welcome Aboard !!!

Fellow Nirmayans, WELCOME!!

Now we are all here and we have made friends, we can’t wait to welcome you to our IMNU family.

Right now marks the beginning of your adventurous journey of two years- I call it adventurous because in these two years, you will see all the ups and downs, all good and bad, all the things you didn’t see in till now; and most of all because this is your story. Yes you will create your story here, and you have a fair chance of making it a success story – where your success actually began- where you had that first stepping stone that took you miles.

You can add all kinds of magic to your story. Whatever you learn here will help you fight, survive, move on and flourish in the future. You will learn to run with bread and tea in your hand rushing to catch your morning class for precious attendance. You will multitask with clubs, committees, assignments, presentations, pre-reads (not so sure about that though!!). You will struggle every day to finish deadlines and party like anything on weekends. You will learn it all… And one fine day, sitting in your cabin, you will look back at this day and say- that was the day when this all began. And when you will try to picture that smile in your mind right now, you will find your path, the lines of your story, how you want it to be and how wide you want that smile to be.

So have fun, make friends, learn to deal with your enemies, see your dreams coming alive. Because this is all that will matter from now on- this moment, how these two years shape up, how you wrote your adventure and how you lived it.

(Content Courtesy: Noopur Naik with inputs from Jijo George)

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Rotaract Club: Board Installation Ceremony

The installation ceremony of the board members of the Rotaract Club of IMNU (RCIMNU) was organised on 7th March 2014. The event was graced by the presence of Rtn. Beena Desai (President, Rotary Club, Kankaria District). Prof. Sapna Parashar (Faculty Coordinator, RCIMNU) was present on the dais along with the new President, Samkit Shah and the new Secretary, Hiran V M. The new and the old board members, RCIMNU members, MBA and BBA students attended the function, bringing the number of audience to around 40 persons.

The event was hosted by Rtn. Surbhi Mantri and Rtn. Yash Rawtani. They introduced the chief guest, Rtn. Beena Desai and welcomed her with a bouquet. Ms. Beena then unveiled the Collector’s Edition of Aarohan – Saransh, followed by the launch of the new logo for RCIMNU, by Prof Parashar.

The oath taking ceremony started with the President, then the Secretary and was followed by other board members. During the delivery of oath, Ms. Beena summarised the duties of the President and the Secretary to be the engine and the energy source of the club respectively. The Rotaract badges were handed over by the senior batch to the respective members of the new board. Ms. Beena delivered an inspiring speech to the students. In her speech, she talked about the importance of social responsibility and spending a part of one’s daily life for the needy. Prof Parashar shared her memories about the club activities in previous years and expressed her hopes about the future activities of the club.

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Representing the new board, President Samkit Shah gave a promising speech about the upcoming activities of the club. Akash Ladha shared his experiences of being the President for the year 2013-14. The event came to a close with the vote of thanks being delivered by the new Secretary Hiran Vm.


The New and Old Board Members with the Faculty Coordinator of the Rotaract Club – Dr Sapna Parashar

President – Samkit Shah
Secretary  -Hiran V M
Vice-President  -George E Cheeran
Club Advisor – Yash Rawtani
Treasurer  -Sreyas Thacker
Director (Social Events)  – Neha Arora
Director (Student Activities)  – Surbhi Mantri
Director (Editorial Board)  – Jijo George Joseph
Core Committee: – Anshul Goyal, Manjary Agrawal, Akansha Gandotra, Nihar Thakkar

(Content Courtesy:Hiran VM; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Nirma Champions League – 2014

The “Nirma Champions League” or NCL is a celebration of the spirit of IMNU to its core. The much awaited sports mega event happens once every year and sets the campus buzzing with activity. Anywhere you see- the cricket ground, the basketball, volleyball & tennis courts, the table tennis room or the classrooms- you find IMNU shivering with sports fever.

ncl(Click on the above picture to view the official video of NCL 2014)

NCL 2014 kicked off with the beginning of the year 2014. The enthusiasm within the participants was exhilarating. The participants stated preparing for the tournament as long as 15 days prior to the tournament. This was reflected in the responses of online registrations with more than 1000 entries for singles events, more than 600 entries for doubles events, and more than 150 teams registering for team events.

ncl run

The event started on 5th January, 2014 with the 6 km annual marathon NCL RUN. The event saw participation of more than 100 runners running for the cause “NO SMOKING”. Harish Sangwan won the NCL RUN with his well-paced running and stamina.

The core events which include Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, and Throw ball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess started from 6th January in which all sports saw some brilliant intensity by the players and crowd. Trailblazers (MBA-FT 2012-14) won the NCL 2014 trophy while 2nd and 3rd position was acquired by Sapients (MBA-FT 2012-14) and Invincibles (MBA-FB 2012-14) respectively . AnubavAwasthi of Sapients and Shaili Talati of Trailblazers (9 medals each) won the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award for Male and Female category respectively.

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The 21 day long tournament conducted by Sportzzz Comm saw huge participation of the students and saw large crowd turning up to watch and support their teams.

(Content, Photo and Video Courtesy: Adesh Kothari)

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Carnival 2014

Fiesta- The Music and Dance club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organised its annual event “Fiesta Carnival.” The week-long carnival from 24th February, 2014 to 4th March, 2014 consisted of its flagship event “RHYTHM – an interclass music and dance competition” along with various others events like Dance workshop, Guitar workshop, JAM session, JODI No. 1 and Flash mob.  The dance and music workshops attracted many enthusiastic participants. Students were able to learn the basics as well as hone their skills from the experts who conducted these sessions. It was cheerful to see students actively participating in these workshops after their regular classes.

Rhythm is an inter batch, inter class music and dance competition. A total of 10 teams participated to showcase their talent and register a win for their class. The true talent of students and intense competition was visible as each of them had put its competitive edge over others by selecting unique themes. The major dance themes were discrimination against women, patriotism, college life, corporate life, etc.  The properties used were UV lights, LED enabled electronic garments, see-saw, caps, basketball, briefcase, college bags, etc. The music competition included medleys and self- composed songs. It was great to see students composing songs and dedicating these to their batch mates and juniors dedicating songs and performances to their seniors.

With each dance group setting higher standards in the competition, it was the Kshatriyas who were a step ahead to become the winners of Rhythm ’14 group dance round whereas the Sapients who were equally good secured the runners up position.  The group music round was won by the Trailblazers who stood first whereas the Blitzkrieg and the Coyotes were runners up.

Jodi No. 1 was a competition for the pairs. Two individuals formed a team to show their synchronised talent. This was again a music and dance event where 3 Jodis each for both music and dance were selected for the final round by multiple short listings in the auditions round. The best Jodi for music was Ankur Mankad and Rahul Sharma from Blitzkrieg and best Jodi for dance was Karan Gulati and Gaurav Goel again from Blitzkrieg.

There was an overall best team award that was won by Blitzkrieg for showcasing great performances in all the dance and music events. The Fiesta team members who were behind the smooth conduct of such a lively event were appreciated and thanked by the students, participants and the enthusiastic audience. It was an event to remember and cherish for not only the participants but also the viewers.

(Content Courtesy: Vinamra Mundra)

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