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Expressions Club of IMNU organized its flagship event ‘Roomies‘ was organized on 9th October, 2014 to check ones ‘compatibility quotient‘ with their room mates.

           In the first round, participants were asked to upload crazy selfies with their roommates and post it on facebook. The best picture was given a prize. On the competition day,teams were asked to dress in a similar fashion and the best dressed team was also awarded a prize. The main event consisted of two rounds basically intended to check their compatibility. In the first round the participants had to fill a questionnaire which had questions about the choices, hobbies and other such areas of interest about their roomies. The second round was planned in a way to judge their co-ordination and trust factor. One of the roomie was blindfolded and task had to be performed in which the other roomie guided his/her partner.

The event ended with two winning teams , a boy’s team and a girl’s team.Though there were only two winners,but the joy of togetherness cherished by all the participants made each one feel like a winner.

(Content courtesy:Pooja Shah; Photo courtesy:Expressions club)

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Celebrating the spirit of Sportmanship…..

True sportsmanship is excellence in motion! Lorii Myers

Parakram, the three day national level inter B-school sports festival,organized by the Sports Committee of the Institute of Management, Nirma University with the aim of providing an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent at various sports. Even more, it is a platform that enables the students from various B-schools to meet, learn and interact with each other. Parakram ’14 featured 7 sporting events namely; Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton. The players from all the participating B-schools will compete in all the seven sports to emerge as one champion team of Parakram ’14.


The event was inaugurated on October 10, 2014 and had an active participation of  students of various B-schools including Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH Noida), Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBS Delhi), National Institute of Construction Management (Pune), Welingkar Institute of Management (WeM, Mumbai), T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI, Jaipur), School of Petroleum Management (PDPU, Gandhinagar) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI, Gandhinagar). Apart from the above stated teams there were teams from the Institute itself and a team of Alumni of Institute of Management, Nirma University.

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These three days, everyone at IMNU witnessed an atmosphere that was highly charged up with excitement and enthusiasm. The Institute had been buzzing with cheers, sports commentary and student interaction.One would witness exuberance and excitement while walking around the IMNU campus as students of various colleges competed with the spirit of sportsmanship. The  thrill ,excitement and the heat reached its peak on the last day when on one hand,there were students from IMNU, cheering the home team ,while the contingent of visitor teams were preparing hard to show their mettle on IMNU turf.

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To add the ‘Cherry to the cake‘,the last day Cricket Finals between NICMAR and NIRMA BLUE was graced by the presence of cricketers Parthiv Patel and Manpreet Juneja.The event ended with good news turning home,with the team from IMNU winning the title.Even more than the happiness of victory,is the joy of participation that every player experienced.

As the month of October is observed as ‘Breast cancer awareness month’ worldwide, Institute of Management, Nirma University in association with Gujarat Cancer Society, Ahmedabad, is supporting the ‘Fight against Breast Cancer initiative’ by awareness and fund raising campaign during the Parakram ’14.

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj and Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Fiesta ki Dhoom……


When you truly sing, you sing yourself free,

When you truly dance, you dance yourself free.

                                                           –        Jay Woodman

Club Fiesta, the Music and Dance Club of IMNU pulled up a great Jam Session that took place on October 8, 2014. A small dance performance was held in the mess at the beginning to catch up the crowd to invite everyone to join the madness. Then the singers of Fiesta showcased their skills with some amazing songs as people gathered in numbers.

It was  really amazing to watch such an outstanding crowd. Out of the hectic schedules, this was the time when people could actually feel relaxed and just enjoy the music. They hummed to the tunes together and then came the much awaited moment of Flashmob. Yes,a FLASH MOB.People stood up in lines, with Fiesta members leading them and showed their skills on the latest numbers.

The exuberance and joy people felt was much visible on the faces of everyone as they danced,sang and enjoyed their heart out.

(Content courtesy:Fiesta club)

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Institute Lecture Series: International Trade and International Relations

Mr Jagat Shah – Founder-Mentor – Cluster Pulse, Founder – Global Network, Founder-Trainer – Global Network Institute, Global Network TV, said it was very important to use culture as a bridge between countries to strengthen trade ties at an international level. He was speaking and interacting with students of Institute of Management, Nirma University on 9th October, 2014 as part of the Institute Lecture Series. The talk was on the relationship between International Trade and International Relations.

Mr Jagat Shah 1

He explained the concept through some practical & real life examples of Narendra Modi’s approach to China during his visit to China in Nov 2011 where he was successfully able to get the Indian diamond merchants released by positioning India’s strength of trade vis a vis relations. He also gave example of using culture as a bridge between India & Abu Dhabi to strengthen trade ties with Middle-East.

He narrated some interesting anecdotes of power positioning of India during Narendra Modi’s recent USA visit where Mr Modi used the Indian diaspora’s strength to position India as a trade friendly country. His examples of BRICS bank chairmanship by India is another good example of international relations vis-a-vis trade. He spoke of taking the best from best like the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi, requesting Govt of Manitoba to set up Food development Centre in Gujarat because Manitoba’s core strength is in food development & agri processing.

He suggested students to make video CV’s for job placement globally & websites of their student life as an ongoing process. He said that in China, all students have to make websites. These websites are updated by the students with all their academic and extra-curricular activity from time to time. The recruiters go through the website and are able to know the candidate better. Also, the power of the Internet is such that the website can be used to reach international recruiters across countries. He lamented that we, in India, make IT but do not use it. Other countries do not make IT, but they actively use it.

(Content Courtesy: Dhruvin Shah and Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Institute Lecture Series: Creating Brand Equity

The fourth ‘Institute Lecture‘ for the academic year 2014-15 was held on 26th September 2014 from 3.45pm -5 pm. The guest speaker was Mr. Arnab Dasgupta, Brand Manager at Idea Cellular, and the chairperson for the session was Prof. Tripura Sundari Joshi.

Mr Dasgupta chose the topic “Creating Brand Equity” to share with the students the vast knowledge and experience he has gained over the year working in the industry. He started off with one of the most important questions- How do you create a successful brand? The answer is simple- a successful organization is what it takes to create a successful brand.

He explained the difference between a product and a brand. According to Al Ries, a brand is a product possessing unique identity and qualities that separate that product from similar other products and competitors. Thus a brand develops a unique persona of its own. Marketing is an art and science of positioning the brand in the minds of the target audience. Mr. Dasgupta went on to explain what push and pull strategies are and where can each find the best application.

When it comes to brand communications, he suggested that a mix of various media is preferable. There are several reasons for this: It helps n extending the reach beyond a single medium. Highly fragmented markets can also be catered to in this way. It can be used to target different target groups. Different stimuli aid in making communications more memorable.

Lastly, he listed a few more measures for enhancing brand equity. The brand should aim at first entering the consideration set for the consumer, then into the ‘most-likely-to-buy’ set, and finally moving on to the recommendation set too. Creative brand recall mechanisms should be employed. Repeat purchase is a a necessary touch-point that should be targeted. The brand must work towards knowing what are the top 3 brand names of the category in the consumer’s minds, and then towards becoming one of those three names.

To conclude, Mr. Dasgupta shared his valuable and most personal insights in the field of sales and marketing, gained with experience over the years. The session with his insights was instrumental in making the students aware of the real expectations from them if they want to work and excel in this field.

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj)

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Because an Idea can change many lives…..

Idea Generator


Opportunity lies in the eyes of the seeker. The ability to spot and capitalise on key opportunities is what is required to stand out in today’s competitive business world. To help students in this regard, Swayam, the Entrepreneurship club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organized their third event of this academic year called Idea Generator on October 8, 2014.


A whopping 34 teams from various courses like BBA, MBA (FT) and MBA (FB) participated in the event. In the first round the teams were provided with newspapers from which they had to generate the next big business idea. Thereafter each business idea was evaluated based on various criteria like product / service, feasibility, unique selling point and so on. After crossing the hurdle of this elimination round seven teams qualified for the final round.


Professor Satish Nair, faculty member in the area of entrepreneurship and strategy at IMNU and Anay Mashruwala, Partner, Head Marketing & Quality Control at M/s. Venus Engineering Works were the judges for the event. The judges motivated the students and urged them to be job creators rather than job seekers.


In the second round each team was given three minutes to pitch their idea to the judges, who were playing the role of venture capitalists. The teams were judged on their presentation, clarity of thought, innovativeness and persuasion skills. The students came up with many interesting business ideas like online portal for patients, app for festivals and a portable food heater. Business Baazigar, Brainstormers and Miracle Workers were awarded the first, second and third positions respectively. Overall it was a well organized event and was greatly appreciated by the participants and audience.

(Content courtesy:Shikha Dhasmana,Shahnaz Mridha; Photo courtesy:Swayam club)

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Ae Haalo……



Stress became extinct,fun seemed ubiquitous and the only thing visible ,was the exuberance of people.Such was the aura when IMNU yet again celebrated the “Garba Night“. Yes,it was an eve when all the students of IMNU kept aside the burdens of assignments and quizzes and took to the joy of the most celebrated festival of Gujarat.


The celebration started with a pious prayer followed by the incessant Garba Raas.It mattered less whether one could play garba or not.The people from different states came up and showed Gujarati garba in their style.Every person in the crowd enjoyed and felt the thrill as they enjoyed every nuance of the night.Also the best dressed and best dancers stole the limelight.


The efforts put in by the Cultural committee of IMNU in organizing the event were clearly visible in the success of event.The only thing unwanted was the end of it.Each student of IMNU indeed awaits the next “Garba Night”……….


(Content courtesy:Media committee; Photo courtesy:Amit Abhyankar)

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