Antarang 2014 – Come Paint the Town Red!

It was a night when the limelight was solely on the freshers of the batch 2014-16 of Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU). Yes, we are talking about the talent night event called Antarang- Let’s Paint the Town Red, organized by the Cultural Committee of the Institute. This event was, as they say, certainly “of the freshers’, by the freshers’, for the freshers”. The most commendable aspect of the event lay in the fact that any and everyone could come up and showcase their skills in any field.

Antarang - Come Paint the Town Red

What could be a better way to start the evening, than with a prayer? And after that, the audience was treated to an incessant array of extremely delightful performances. It started with the song and dance show by kids of Saral. Saral is the in-house NGO at Nirma University looking after the education and welfare of kids of construction workers in and around the Nirma campus. The bliss experienced by the audience as they relived their childhood by watching these kids is inexplicable. Thereafter, an exciting mix of 23 amazing performances followed one after the other; be it the energetic dance or the melodious songs, the funny yet informing acts or the smart anchoring.

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The various clubs also played a significant role to add to charm of the evening. Chehre, the dramatics club of IMNU, presented a very important social message through its play that had a generous dosage of humor and sarcasm and accompanied with peals of laughter from the viewers. The play looked at the need of mankind to use their brain-power and potential and not fall to marketing gimmicks and superstitions. The excitement in the hall turned festive when the born-to-perform members of fiesta set the stage on fire. The intellectual and creative talents of the students were also revealed by the beautiful and thought provoking self-composed poems recited by them. The highlight of the event was a poem recitation by Abhijeet on the theme of love, romance and the increasing incidence of rape. The poem questioned the attitude of men in the present times.

alumni 1

Overall, the event was a huge success and provided the perfect platform to the freshers to not only present their talents onstage but also offered a great opportunity to prove their mettle as event managers. The Chief Guest at the event was Mr Anay Mashruwala – Alumnus of IMNU as well as Cultural Committee. The event was also graced by the presence of alumni – Anshul Goyal and Roshni Majumdar and faculty members – Prof. Tripurasundari Joshi, Prof Sanjay Jain, Prof KC Mahesh and Prof. Harismita Trivedi. The night also had several offerings in store for the audience in the form of healthy salads and thirst quenchers sponsored by Green Peppers and Joules along with a number of vouchers and coupons to be distributed at the event, courtesy the event partners namely – Faaso’s (Food Partner) , Impression (Fashion & Style Partner), Ganga Spa (Spa Partner), The Shake Maker (Beverage Partner), Aakar (Publicity Partner) and Liberty (Footwear Partner).

The night was truly, the one to be in the spot light…..

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj and Shahnaz Mridha)

(Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Accountophobia : Finesse ki Paathshala!!

Accountophobia  posterIn addition to insomnia, hard work and mess food, a hard reality of early MBA life is the face-off with accounts. Yes this eight lettered word, has rendered many sleepless nights to one and all, and now, with exams on head, the pressure just augmented. Amidst all this, Finesse – The Finance Club of IMNU came forward to help the students by arranging a discussion session under its event ”Accountophobia”, wherein they invited students to clear their doubts in the field of accounting. Speakers Mridul, Tarun, Atul and Karan put in effort, taking pains to explain each concept lucidly, right from the definitions of assets and liabilities to the creation of balance sheets. Two separate cases were also solved to ensure that the students were in hand with all the discussed concepts. Each participant was given equal attention and the queries of one and all were carefully listened and solved on the spot.

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The students were delighted to be part of this event and were of the opinion that more of these events should be held by the club. The event was enjoyed by one and all, especially the senior speakers, who were glad to be of help to their juniors in their time of need.

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj; Photo Courtesy: Atalant Nadkar)

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Ice-Breaking Tournament 2014

The academic year 2014-15 began with the annual ‘Ice Breaking Tournament’ by Sports Committee. Various teams representing different sections from the college participated in this event creating an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm.Every team gave tough fight to their respective competitors and finally the winners of the various games came forth. The event though scheduled from 7th July to 9th July was stretched till 11th July due to time constraints.

Ice Breaking Tournament Poster

The event took off with a football match between the seniors and the juniors. The football match proved to be a perfect launch for the tournament pulling a huge crowd. The Juniors were leading 1-0 until the final equalizer by Mihir Thakor. The match went into the Penalties and seniors emerged as victorious in it.

Ice Breaking Tournament Athletics

This year, Athletics-100 M was introduced in the Ice Breaking tournament based on the requests from the students. In Men’s 100 Meter, Aakash Shah from FB won the gold medal followed by  Aakash Kamdar from Junior Section B and Surya from FB.  In Women’s 100 Meter, Saanvri Kapoor Shah from Junior Section B won the gold medal followed by Khyati Kapoor from Blitzkrieg and Sukriti .

Ice Breaking Tournament Tennis

Junior section FB emerged out as champions in a thrilling encounter versus Junior section B in the finals of volleyball. The match proved to be the show stopper of the tournament. At the same time, the nail-biter finals between Blitzkrieg (senior section B) and Hawkz (senior section FB) in throw-ball saw Hawkz as champions while Blitzkrieg  had to be content with silver. Coyotes (senior section C) bagged gold in tennis and junior section B ended as runners up. And finally, after a series of exciting matches, Vulcans (senior section A) emerged as winners in the table tennis while junior section D grabbed second position.

The price distribution ceremony took place on 11th July i.e. the final day in the college mess. The prize distribution ceremony was a moment to cherish for winners and organizers as it turned out to be a huge crowd puller. Every medal given to the players was applauded by the large number of audience present.

The tournament was full of fun, enthusiasm and high spirited student’s cheering for the teams and the contribution of Sportzzz Comm members ended with wild celebration along with the winners.

(Content and Picture Courtesy: Vedant Rai and Krishankant Goyal)

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Nukkad Natak

Chehre – The Dramatics Club of IMNU conducted its first event for the current academic year – Nukkad Natak. Nukkad Natak is an event that is conducted by the club to select the applicants from the first year to the club.

The 27 shortlisted candidates for this round were divided into three groups of nine each and were asked to present plays on different themes. The first play was “Do Boondh” on water conservation, the second play was “Pratibimb” on addiction and the third play was “Kyun” on civic sense. The event was conducted outside the Student Activity Centre a.k.a the Mess.

All the performances were well-received by the audience. Overall, the event was a success with the crowd appreciating the performances and the messages that the plays sought to deliver.

(Content Courtesy: Aldrid Pinto with inputs from Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Chehre – The Dramatics Club)

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Budget Watch

Finnesse – The Finance Club of IMNU organized an expert session on the Union Budget with Mr Sunil Parekh – Strategic Advisor at Zydus Cadilla. The panel also included Prof RJ Mody, Prof Bindi Mehta and Prof M Mallikarjun.

L to R: Prof Bindi Mehta, Prof RJ Mody, Mr Sunil Parikh, Prof M Mallikarjun

L to R: Prof Bindi Mehta, Prof RJ Mody, Mr Sunil Parikh, Prof M Mallikarjun

Mr Parikh sought to start his presentation on the Budget by asking the audience – “Kya Vakahi Acche Din Aane Wale Hain?” He stressed the importance of the budget for everyone in the country saying that the Budget was a document that would play a key role in determining the demand in the domestic sector, the growth rate of the economy, issues related to raising money for the business, the exchange rate of the Indian currency and above all, the profitability and growth rate of the companies in the country. In the past few years, there has been a loss of economic growth from a high of 9.6% to as low as 4.3% due to the effects of the global slowdown, impacts of weather, monetary tightening by the central bank and subsequent loss of investment. He pointed out that the new government could have started the budget session by outlining a road-map for the next 5-10 years which would have given the country a fair idea of how the government plans to tackle the difficult economic scenario. The budget may have disappointed all those with high expectations, but there are some key announcements which are noteworthy:
1- A firm emphasis on taking faster decisions would speed up the pending projects and add value.
2- Proposal for tribal entrepreneurship and MSME support worth ₹ 10,000 crore each is noteworthy as this would lead to development of the backward regions.
3- Opening up of defence, insurance and real estate sectors for FDI
4- 100% FDI allowed in e-commerce will accelerate the pace of e-commerce in India
5- Manufacturing will receive a boost following the proposal for developing four Industrial Corridors and 20 industrial clusters.
6- Initiatives for gas grids, slurry pipelines, Low Income Housing, creation of trusts for investing in Real Estate and Infrastructure are noteworthy
Concluding his part, Mr Parikh said that the economy will receive a push if all proposals are implemented properly. At the same time, he cautioned that “acche din” will be some time away as the economy will slowly revive itself from 4.3% to 5.6% in the next fiscal. He termed the budget forecast of 8% growth as “an ambitious target” which, nevertheless, will be hard to achieve.

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Earlier in the session, Prof Bindi Mehta sought to emphasize the need for independence of the fiscal policy on the lines of monetary policy. Prof Mody remarked that the budget was practical, made a good beginning and looked at areas of convergence rather than divergence. He hoped for more clarity on GST, subsidies, application of labor laws and environmental laws and the need of auditing of MGNREGA. Prof Mallikarjun said that the budget was a sign of political maturity in the country as the second interim budget was a continuation of the first interim budget unveiled by the UPA-2 government. The budget also looks more towards the private sector in its contribution to investment. He remarked that the government has taken some steps in the right direction such as creating an expenditure commission, clarity on retrospective taxation, etc.

The session concluded with a Q&A round with the audience.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Institute Lecture Series: Indian Consumer Behaviour in the Apparel Industry

The first Institute Lecture for the academic year 2014-15 was delivered by Mr. Peush Narang, Director – Antar Advisors Pvt. Limited on Indian Consumer Behaviour in the context of Apparel Purchase. The session was chaired by Dr P.K. Yadav.

Peush Narang

Mr. Narang pointed out that the Indian economy was expected to grow fast in the next decade. This growth was expected to be driven by the consumption of the young population of India. The demographic dividend gives India an advantage over other economies and it is well-poised to use that advantage. The analysis of the textile industry can be done through the perspectives of a manufacturer and of a consumer. From the perspective of a manufacturer, the analysis could be in terms of which fibre is being used in the production of apparel. Primarily, there are two types of fibres: natural and synthetic. In the year 1990, the share of natural fibres was nearly 50% globally. Now, led by the increased use and manufacture by China, man-made fibres constitute nearly 70%  in the manufacture of apparel.

Peush Narang

Speaking of India, the textile industry employs the highest manpower after agriculture and contributes nearly 14% to the GDP of the Indian economy. In 2014, India became the second largest exporter of textiles in the world and currently holds 5% market share in the world textiles market. Of all the apparel manufactured in India, 42% is menswear, 38% is women’s wear and kids’ wear constitute 20% . The share of the women’s wear is gradually but surely increasing as more and more women start joining the workforce and seek modern dress for the workplace. Currently, this segment is growing the fastest among all the segments in the industry.

Peush Narang

As far as international trade is concerned, EU and US are the biggest trade partners with India. Mr Narang also looked at different variables affecting the industry in terms of traditional wear, jeans and explained the trends of consumption as well as aspects as harmful dyes, waste management, electricity consumption management and water management.  The growth of online shopping is emerging as a threat to the traditional brick and kiln stores in cities. Companies will have to look at different strategies to combat the onslaught of online stores in the short-term. In the long term, they eventually will have to start some kind of online presence to survive in the market. Coming to environmental sensibility, a survey found that Indians are among the most conscious in this aspect with nearly 90% of respondents preferring cotton over other materials.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Abhinav Raghuvanshi)

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Xquizit – The Quizzing Club conducted its first event for the current academic year – Kwiz-Buzz. Ten teams of two participants each participated in the event held on 10th July, 2014. There were two rounds. The first round was an elimination round in which five teams were eliminated. The remaining five teams advanced to the next round where they were grilled on their General Knowledge. It was a close finish as two teams battled it out till the last question for the winners’ position. The first prize was won by Rohan Pradhan and Anoop Awasthi while the second prize was won by Kevin Simon and Gagan Singhal.

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Earlier in the week, Xquizit conducted an online quiz event – Rubaru – as a prelude to Kwiz-Buzz. The winners of this contest were Nirbhay Miglani and Shailesh Soni.

(Content Courtesy: Varun Rai and Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Anjali Nair)

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