Nirma Champions League – 2014

The “Nirma Champions League” or NCL is a celebration of the spirit of IMNU to its core. The much awaited sports mega event happens once every year and sets the campus buzzing with activity. Anywhere you see- the cricket ground, the basketball, volleyball & tennis courts, the table tennis room or the classrooms- you find IMNU shivering with sports fever.

ncl(Click on the above picture to view the official video of NCL 2014)

NCL 2014 kicked off with the beginning of the year 2014. The enthusiasm within the participants was exhilarating. The participants stated preparing for the tournament as long as 15 days prior to the tournament. This was reflected in the responses of online registrations with more than 1000 entries for singles events, more than 600 entries for doubles events, and more than 150 teams registering for team events.

ncl run

The event started on 5th January, 2014 with the 6 km annual marathon NCL RUN. The event saw participation of more than 100 runners running for the cause “NO SMOKING”. Harish Sangwan won the NCL RUN with his well-paced running and stamina.

The core events which include Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, and Throw ball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess started from 6th January in which all sports saw some brilliant intensity by the players and crowd. Trailblazers (MBA-FT 2012-14) won the NCL 2014 trophy while 2nd and 3rd position was acquired by Sapients (MBA-FT 2012-14) and Invincibles (MBA-FB 2012-14) respectively . AnubavAwasthi of Sapients and Shaili Talati of Trailblazers (9 medals each) won the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award for Male and Female category respectively.

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The 21 day long tournament conducted by Sportzzz Comm saw huge participation of the students and saw large crowd turning up to watch and support their teams.

(Content, Photo and Video Courtesy: Adesh Kothari)

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Carnival 2014

Fiesta- The Music and Dance club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organised its annual event “Fiesta Carnival.” The week-long carnival from 24th February, 2014 to 4th March, 2014 consisted of its flagship event “RHYTHM – an interclass music and dance competition” along with various others events like Dance workshop, Guitar workshop, JAM session, JODI No. 1 and Flash mob.  The dance and music workshops attracted many enthusiastic participants. Students were able to learn the basics as well as hone their skills from the experts who conducted these sessions. It was cheerful to see students actively participating in these workshops after their regular classes.

Rhythm is an inter batch, inter class music and dance competition. A total of 10 teams participated to showcase their talent and register a win for their class. The true talent of students and intense competition was visible as each of them had put its competitive edge over others by selecting unique themes. The major dance themes were discrimination against women, patriotism, college life, corporate life, etc.  The properties used were UV lights, LED enabled electronic garments, see-saw, caps, basketball, briefcase, college bags, etc. The music competition included medleys and self- composed songs. It was great to see students composing songs and dedicating these to their batch mates and juniors dedicating songs and performances to their seniors.

With each dance group setting higher standards in the competition, it was the Kshatriyas who were a step ahead to become the winners of Rhythm ’14 group dance round whereas the Sapients who were equally good secured the runners up position.  The group music round was won by the Trailblazers who stood first whereas the Blitzkrieg and the Coyotes were runners up.

Jodi No. 1 was a competition for the pairs. Two individuals formed a team to show their synchronised talent. This was again a music and dance event where 3 Jodis each for both music and dance were selected for the final round by multiple short listings in the auditions round. The best Jodi for music was Ankur Mankad and Rahul Sharma from Blitzkrieg and best Jodi for dance was Karan Gulati and Gaurav Goel again from Blitzkrieg.

There was an overall best team award that was won by Blitzkrieg for showcasing great performances in all the dance and music events. The Fiesta team members who were behind the smooth conduct of such a lively event were appreciated and thanked by the students, participants and the enthusiastic audience. It was an event to remember and cherish for not only the participants but also the viewers.

(Content Courtesy: Vinamra Mundra)

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17th Annual Convocation of Nirma University

The 17th Annual Convocation of Nirma University was held on 3rd April, 2014. The guest of honour at the convocation was Dr Arun Maira – Member of Planning Commission and Former India Chairman of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The convocation was presided over by President of Nirma University, Dr Karsanbhai K Patel. A total of 177 students of MBA (Full Time), 23 MBA (Part-time) and 102 MBA (Family Business) were conferred the degree by the President. A total of 454 students were given degrees including students from Law and Technology faculties of the University.


Declaring the convocation ceremony open, President, Dr KK Patel congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies. He said that this was a proud moment not only for their parents but also for the university. He hoped that the students will continue the process of learning as there can never be any stop to gaining knowledge. He exhorted the students to apply the knowledge gained towards the betterment of society. All that we learn do not make us complete, we are made completed only by taking our country forward by using it in the right direction. For that, he reminded the students that they needed passion and a heart of fire that will keep them motivated in the earnest desire to create opportunities for advancement of the society.

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Delivering the convocation address, Guest of Honour, Dr Arun Maira, said that the time has come to set our sights higher and make India a quality nation. A quality nation is one in which citizens will experience quality in their daily lives through the quality public services and quality institutions that govern the law. He said that our country is at a juncture when it needs many quality leaders who have the capability to build such institutions that will improve the quality of life in India. He appealed to all the students that they should pursue excellence in whatever they do and improve the institutions that they are a part of.

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As part of the Convocation, 21 scholastic gold and silver medals were awarded to students for their exemplary performance in academics. The concluding remarks were given by Director General of Nirma University, Dr Anup Singh.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Aboti, Vinamra Mundra)

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Excerpts from Dr Arun Maira’s speech

Dr Arun Maira – Member of the Planning Commission of India and former India Chairman of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) delivered the convocation address at the 17th annual convocation of Nirma University. Following are the excerpts from his inspiring speech:

DSC_2040“The time has come for us to set our sights much higher than we have so far. We must make our nation a Quality Nation. A Quality Nation is one in which citizens will experience quality in their daily lives. In the quality of public services, and in the quality of institutions that govern their lives. This is what the Quality movement in India must set its sights to achieve. Quality is the pursuit of excellence in whatever we do.”

“The pursuit of excellence begins with a vision. A vision of what is missing in current reality, but we would like to see. And to realize the vision of excellence, there must be another vision—a vision of a new way, a new process to achieve the vision. Because if we keep going on in the way we are, we will keep reinforcing our current reality, and get more of what we already have, rather than what we aspire for.”

“Projects are stuck in tardy processes of approval and snarled in inter-departmental wrangles. Consequently India remains towards the bottom of evaluations of countries for ease of doing business. Projects are stuck in ministerial red-tape at the center and lost within jungles of uncoordinated processes in the states. The present strategy-in-use in India to address coordination and implementation failures is (1) appoint yet more committees to coordinate, and (2) set up more monitoring agencies. Thus the system has become cluttered with committees for coordination, and coordination amongst them has become another problem! Moreover, monitoring can point out that things are not happening—which is useful information. But more useful is the ability to get things done without error and in time.”

There is a widespread need in India to convert Confusion into Coordination, Contention into Collaboration, and Intention into Implementation. We need a mechanism specifically designed to bring people with different perspectives together: to listen to each other, to distil the essence of their shared aspiration for their habitation or their organization, and adopt the critical principles they will adhere to in the work they must do together.”

“India has many popular movements uniting citizens against what they do not want—of which corruption is a principal enemy. The country also needs movements to unite citizens for what they want in their habitats and their lives, and to enable them to work together to create it. If we had started such a movement, say, ten years ago, we would have been in a much better place now. Therefore the sooner and more vigorously we move now, the faster we will shape the future we want. India desperately needs leaders who build high quality institutions. We need high quality political parties, high quality unions, high quality regulators, high quality business associations, and high quality educational institutions. And high quality quality organizations too!”

“I end with an appeal. All of us must pursue excellence in whatever we do. And every one of us has a role to shape the institutions we are a part of. We are the leaders who, together, can and must build a quality nation. The key word is ‘together’. Together we can.”

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George ; Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Aboti)

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Exhibition : Managing Social Projects (MSP)

Managing Social Projects (MSP) is a compulsory 1.5 credit course in the first year of MBA (Full-Time) program, which seeks to sensitize the student towards social concerns and the nature of efforts to implement changes. The course has evolved as part of the larger responsibility of the institute towards the society at large. For the academic year 2013-14, IMNU collaborated with Education Department, Government of Gujarat to partner in the Social Enterprise for Human Upliftment (SEHU) project.

To highlight the project and the contributions made by the students of IMNU towards this project, an exhibition was organized on 28th and 29th March, 2014. Here is a peek :

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As part of the project, students had to undertake two rural visits. For many, the rural visit was a life-changing experience.  Some of these experiences came out in the form of poetry:

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(Content Courtesy: Jijo George)

(Photo Courtesy: Prerna Shrivastava, Pratikriti- The Photography Club)

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Manthan: A Rotaract Event

“MANTHAN – The Grand Debate Challenge” was organized by the Rotaract Club of IMNU on 3rd March 2014. It was an intra-college event where one team comprising of two members was allowed to participate from each class or section.


The participants were supposed to submit a write up before the debate competition. The write up was to be based on a picture floated via e-mail. The picture was that of a child taking polio drops. This write up served as the selection criteria if there were multiple entries from a single section.

There were total six teams that participated in the debate three from MBA-FT first year. Two teams from senior sections of MBA – FT and one from BBA. The topic for the first round was “CSR- A social initiative or marketing strategy”. One team was supposed to speak in favor and the other in opposition. The respected jury consisted of two faculty members from IMNU itself: Prof. Sapna Parashar and Prof. Harismita Trivedi. Top two teams moved to the next round on the basis of score given by the judges.

In the final round the topic for the debate was “Public protest: A medium of putting your point or publicity stunt”. The final round was held between the team of Sakshi Goyal and Sumit Kumar from seniors and the other team from juniors consisting of Surbhit Gupta and Ronit Ogra. After a heated debate the senior team was declared winner while the junior team stood as the runners up.


The event ended with a photo session of participants with the judges.

(Content and Photo Courtesy: Surbhit Gupta)

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BookWorms: Farewell Season Edition

As we bid farewell to our beloved seniors, Sumantra brings the March Issue of BookWorms dedicated to our beloved seniors… 2012-14 you will be missed heartily…

“Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”

- Richard Bach

Click here to read : BookWorms – March 2014 Farewell Edition


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