PRAYOJAN 2014: The Operations Management Conclave

Institute of Management, Nirma University organized its very first conclave for the year, Prayojan – The Operations Management Conclave with the theme Global Excellence through Innovation. The conclave proved to be a forum of interactive discussion between the students and industry. The inaugural session was addressed by Mr. Kel Kearns –Plant Director, Ford Assembly Plant, Sanand. He started the talk by saying that ‘Technology is the master of the change’ and across his speech, specified how technological innovation is a necessity to survive in an arena where customer’s demands are changing and growing every day. The second address was given by Mr. Sukhendu Patnaik –Head (Business Excellence, Asia Pacific Region), Abott, Mumbai on problem-solving methods. He correctly quoted, that, ‘A problem well-defined is a problem half- solved’. He also discussed about the problem solving techniques which includes 5Ws (what, when, where, who, why) and 1H (how) approach.

              The third address was given by Mr. Yatindra Sharma- MD, KHS Machinery, Ahmedabad. He started by quoting ‘Innovation is the new buzzword of corporate segment’. He specified that to succeed in the manufacturing sector through innovation, India requires an innovative technology along with committed people and a potential to change the business upside down. The fourth session was given by Capt. Sansaar Singh Chaube- GM & Head of Marine Operations, Adani Port, Mundra. He specified that to survive in the coming years of growing competition an innovative frame of mind needs to be developed. The one who is ready to go out of his/her comfort zone will survive.

         The post lunch session was addressed by Dr Rajiv Desai, Sr VP, Alembic Pharma, Vadodara. He spoke about Organizational Excellence through continuous innovation. He addressed the crowd showcasing real life examples of the supply chain in an organization and quoted that ‘Innovation is building right product at the right time’. The next session was addressed by Mr Amit Sharma, Associate VP, Future Retail, Mumbai, on the topic ‘Supply Chain Management in Retail’. He correctly specified that, be it marketing, advertising or sales, growing demand cannot be satisfied without assuring a proper supply chain management. The valedictory session of the conclave was addressed by Mr. Yash Sowale, Business Analytics Expert, Capgemini, Pune. He continued the session by explaining how Big Data is helping in innovation.

As evident it was,the conclave provided a perfect mix of different segments of operation management and how these segments begird the present working and future prospects of an organization.

(Content courtesy:Jijo George;Photo Courtesy:Pratikriti Club)


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The Marketing Club of IMNU conducted its first event – Brandwizer, for the current academic year. Chocolate room and Blue Heaven Unisex Saloon were sponsors of the event. There was high enthusiasm seen in the participants and the audience showed up in huge number to cheer their classmates.  Around 261 students registered for the event where they were divided into team of 3 members. The main idea behind organizing the event was to provide platform to participants to showcase their creativity and talent

The first round was named “Brand-O-Cross” where the participants had to solve a crossword of 30 questions within the time limit of 7 minutes. The questions tested the knowledge of Taglines, Brands ambassadors, logos and CEO’s of some well- known companies. Top 14 team were selected for Round 2.In the 2nd Round the Teams were given a product name and were asked to make jingle and tagline for the same with an option to include one of the 5 characters provided by the Niche team. The teams were judged by the senior Niche members on the basis of their guessing the product in 1 min, their creativity and how well were they able to sell and promote their product.

In order to motivate the crowd and promote the event, Niche team provided vouchers to the first 15 entries and the teams qualifying for the second round. “Team bone” won the final round followed by “Team NCNC”. “The marketers” team were given brand recognition award. Overall the event was a huge success for the Niche Club.

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Tatva 1.0-the pursuit for absolute truth

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”

                                                                                                                                                                    – Albert Einstein.

Life is a pursuit, and everyone is pursuing something or the other. Some are busy pursuing happiness, some recognition and some the absolute truth. It’s the pursuit of that “something” which keeps us active all our lives.News Junction club-conducted their first event – “Tatva 1.0- the pursuit for absolute truth” on the 21st of August. This event was particularly designed to test the participant’s memory retention power, reasoning skills clubbed with a bit of knowledge of the important national and international events. Each prospective participant needed to apply in teams of two.

The spectacular response for the event was quite evident from the fact that around 70 participants turned up for the event. There were three rounds in total. The first two being the elimination rounds.The first round was called “Crosswordz” wherein the teams had to browse through two A4 sheets filled with all the current news and events in just 10 minutes. The teams had to retain the facts mentioned and thereafter solve a “Crossword”.

The second round was called “Tatva”, where the teams had to identify if a particular fact was true or false. The cumulative scores of the first two rounds were taken to screen teams for the final round. Only six teams went on to the final rounds.The final round turned out to be the most exciting part of the event. Each team was assigned a topic on which they had to frame five different questions, and then present it to the opponents.The winners of the event were- Bhumit Patel and MiteshPatwa. The runners-up -Priyank Sharma and Paras.

!st pic- Winners with the News Junction team

2nd Pic- Runners Up.

(Content courtesy:Asish Kumar; Photo Courtesy- News Junction)







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Finathon-The Marathon of Finance

On the eve of 21st Aug, 2014 Finesse- the Finance Club of IMNU came up with the event FINATHON.  The best part about the event was that the participants were not told about the details of the event until the last moment. All the participants came to attend the event unaware of the rules and what they were supposed to do. Still it caught a lot of attraction and people participated with high spirits, in the teams of 2-3 persons.

The event was a finance quiz with three rounds. The first round was a Fintakshari round. The contestants were asked to play ANTAKSHRI, wherein they had to name a company, listed in BSE or NSE, starting with the last letter of the name told by the previous team.  This was played for 3 rounds and over 30 teams participated in it. This was a fun round which tested the contestants about their knowledge of companies in various industries. Being an eliminator round, only 8 teams qualified for the next round.

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The second round was visual round. This was played in 2 parts. The first part was a picture-connect round. The contestants were shown pictures which they had to relate with and then answer the question. The contestants were tested on their awareness with the financial terms and some well-known personalities. The second part was about identifying the famous personalities who head some major financial institutions in the world. After this round, 6 teams qualified for the final round.

The final round was a rapid fire, and the most competitive one. All the teams were given 60 seconds and had to answer a maximum of 12 questions. The round included a test of current affairs involving questions about repo rate, CPI, WPI and so on. The teams showed a great fight and the event went into a tie-breaker. Finally the team Bulls with Kushagra Jain and Parakh Gupta won the first prize and Team Bulky Bankers having Sangram Dhal and Soham Dutta stood the second runner up.

(Content courtesy:Abhinav Prakash; Photo Courtesy: Finesse Club)



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Independence Day Celebrations

The 68th Independence Day of our nation was celebrated with much pride and fervour at Nirma University on August 15, 2014. The flag hoisting ceremony began at 9:30 am which was followed by the singing of the national anthem.

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Justice Mr Ravi R Tripathi, Hon. Judge, High Court of Gujarat, was the Chief Guest for this special occasion. He urged us to keep the spirit of patriotism alive all through the year and not just confine it to a single day. Moreover, he emphasized on the judicious use of resources and appealed to us to act as responsible citizens. In this regard, we are reminded of these classic words : “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

(Content Courtesy: Shahnaz Mridha)

(Photo Courtesy: Sarang Sethiya and Atul Jain)

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Break the Code

Optimus – The Operations Club conducted its first event for the current academic year – Break The Code. Despite heavy rains around 123 enthusiastic participants took part in the event. The participants were tested on their co-ordination, time-management and analysing skills. The participants divided into teams of 4 or 5 and tied together were given an envelope containing a clue which they needed to “Decode” before proceeding to the next clue. The clues required a bit of solving and their rhyming nature added to the fun of the event. The hidden clues covered almost the entire IMNU campus like the Library, Richter Ground, Pharmacy Canteen, laundry and sports ground.

There was a mad dash inside the campus as the participants frenziedly ran to search their clues throughout the campus and complete the task within the minimum time. Two lifelines in form of “Phone a Friend” was given to the participants in case of any difficulty in finding their clue. After  the announcement of three best performing  teams  a  tie- breaker round  comprising of  a “Maze game” was  organized by Club Optimus  for the selection of 3rd Runner Up. The teams qualifying for this round were those who decoded their clues and reached the destination nearly in the same time.

Team Pentagon emerged as the winner and won a cash prize of 1500.Team Boltz,Team Synchrony and Team Steprzz stood as 1st Runner up, 2nd Runner up and 3rd Runner up respectively.

(Content Courtesy: Shikha Dhasmana; Photo Courtesy: Optimus Club)

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Anveshan 2.0

The phrase “Knowledge Is Power” was portrayed efficiently and enthusiastically by the students of batches 2013-15 and 2014-16 during the ANVESHAN 2.0 quiz organized by XquizIT. The event began on 8th August as a virtual round quiz with a record breaking 105 entries of 2 members per team. The online round took place at 00:01 am on 10th August and was of 15 minutes duration.

On the basis of the online round, the top 10 teams were selected for the final round i.e the offline round. The offline round was held on 11th August. Team “Smartinis” consisting of Kevin Simon and Himanshu Ghiya of Jr. Sec-B emerged victorious with the score of 55. But there was a tie for the position of Ist runner’s up which was further resloved by a tie-breaker round. Finally “Aspiring Finders” having Parth Sanghani and Aakash Mishra emerged as the 1st runner’s-up and “Warriors” duo Dheeraj Thaknani and Samkit Shah followed suit. The audience had a field time applauding and cheering the teams of their respective sections and also answering the few unanswered questions.

All-in-all the event ANVESHAN 2.0 designed to promote activity in our brains was a huge success both in terms of participation and the level of knowledge on display.

(Content Courtesy: Atalant Nadkar; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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