9th Institute Lecture

Ninth institute lecture for the year 2014 was conducted on 18th of December with the theme Creating Access to Quality Healthcare in India’ .Mr Ragvendra Shenoy VP, Ethicon Surgical Care (a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson) graced the event by being the speaker for the session.

He started with the description of Tylenol crises, highlighting the fact that even a small errand can create huge loss for the company in healthcare system. He then talked about their mission of creating access to quality health care in middle India and how the company has been working on it to reach the untapped markets in developing countries, where there is still an acute scarcity of proper health care coverage in many areas. He also specified that such ‘mini hospitals’ formed the backbone of Indian healthcare systems due to advantage of proximity and cost.

Relating to the concepts of marketing, he added three more P’s, they have been using in their company, viz. Provider, Physician, Patient. A key statement, “People with passion, passion for people”, categorically described the business of the company.Students were then told about the factors that have contributed to company’s persistent success. These includes initiatives by the company like  a unique business model, coverage and distribution, sales force effectiveness, market appropriate innovation and professional education for hospital staff country wide. He also described company’s initiative to educate nursing home owners about hygiene and healthcare called ‘Panchayatra’.

Not only has the company been focusing on rural areas but has a firm hold on technology as well. This is evident from the new innovative products by Johnson & Johnson, that are turning extremely helpful in the field of healthcare like disposable gowns and medical accessories produced under the brand I-Safe, a live telecasting feature for surgery operations named Ace.

(Content courtesy: Namrata Bajaj)

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Battle Antakshari..

Team Fiesta came up with yet another fun filled musical evening with their event “Battle Antakshari. The magnetic event involved both the students as well as the faculties as participants.

The First round was a quiz round that revolved around Bollywood movies and songs. Top Four teams made it to the second round of the event. The next round was named as ‘Seedhe Saadhe akshar ‘.In this the participants had to sing a song with the ending letter of the previous song. The next round was ‘Atpate Se akshar’ in which the teams had to pick the last second letter from previous song and sing a song from that letter. After this the next round was ‘Shabd Jaane pehchaane’. Here the team had to pick a chit containing a word with which they had to sing a song which included that word in “mukhda” but were not allowed to sing a song starting from that word. This was followed by a similar round ‘Shuruat ho to aisi’. Next round was a tricky round “antara to mukhda round”. Members of the fiesta sang the antara of the song and the teams had to sing the mukhda of that song. The final round was a Buzzer Round. Synonymous to Fastest Finger First round of KBC, the teams had to identify the piece of the song played on orchestra and the one pressing the buzzer first was given the chance to sing that song.

The singers of IMNU mesmerized the audience with their performance. Team Fiesta kept the audience engaged by giving them the opportunity to identify the song and perform on stage in between the rounds. Students also danced on stage to the tunes of numbers like ‘Tune mari entryaan……’

Battle Antakshari was an event in which everyone enjoyed with as much fervour as the participants and the air of IMNU reverberated with the old classics and new hits of Bollywood.

(Content courtesy:Shikha Dasmana;Photo courtesy: Pratikriti

DSC_0168DSC_0176- the photography club

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Perspective|Richter 10

IMG_1211Come December and the arena of IMNU is filled with exuberance and joy. Reason being the annual management and cultural festival,Perspective|Richter 10.This time it was celebrated from December 4 to 6, 2014. A large number of participants from across different B-schools like IRMA, XISS, KJ Somaiya, Welingkar and others showed up. The event is truly an ultimate battle of brains and mettle.

The inaugural ceremony had  International motivational speaker and Entrepreneur Mr. Pawan G Agarwal, CEO – Mumbai Dabbawalas as the chief guest. He began the enlightening session by emphasizing on the importance of logistics. He enumerated the special features of the service of dabbawalas, which was 0% fuel,0% disputes,0% modern technology and yet 99.99% performance and 100% customer satisfaction.

The festival was a boulevard of a number of events of varied domains ,ensuring that there was an event for everyone.There was an event named Aamna Saamna, for testing the participant’s oratory skills. Pratiti, the quiz event, was conducted by famous quiz master ‘Bushan Patel’. Media Intelligence 360 degree,an event for those exhibiting interests in media and public relations was also conducted.On the other side,the event Bizzine. tested contestants on their skills of advertising. For the finance lovers, Quotient-F provided a platform to showcase their business innovative skills in a financial perspective.An entrepreneur event named Start up in 50k was also conducted,in which a business pre-plan was to be presented by the participants.

The afternoon session of the second day was taken by General V.P. Malik, Ex. Army Chief on ‘Leadership, Motivation and Innovation’. He enlightened the students with the five takes on leadership that will indeed turn helpful to all the students.He further emphasized on the need of character, values, ethics and discipline in life. He also talked about strategic awareness which includes geographical, social, politics, governance, technology and innovation. As the night rolled,the fun aspect barged in with Foot Loose,the inter college dance and singing competition.To put cherry to the cake, there was a heart throbbing performance by the Fiesta club of IMNU.

The last day of the festival started with the event named Toughest Game ever that gave the participants a head on challenging arena filled with thrill in the form of team based strategy games.For the lovers of food, Foodaholic invited participants to come up and show their cooking skills flavored with application of management. The photo-freaks found paradise in Pratibimb, with the theme ‘biodiversity’ the latent shutterbugs of students came out. The participants were taken to ‘Indroda nature park‘ of the city to experiment and enjoy their creativity.

After experiencing an exhaustive and incessant range of events toppled with exuberance,came the showstopper event,the EDM night.The members of India’s Youngest Band and Lavy band simply set the stage on fire with their mind blowing performances.Alas,Perspective|Richter 10, culminated with everyone dancing to the beats of DJ Dhruv. It.It was indeed an experience to be cherished for long.

(Content courtesy:Mediacomm;Photo Courtesy:Pratikriti-The Photography Club)

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Paint your Dreams!

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”                                                                                                                                  -Eleanor Roosevelt

The Cultural Committee of IMNU ,in collaboration with Saral – the NGO at IMNU conceptualized and gave shape to the event Paint Your Dreams: Where every dream is precious.As a part of it,around 320 kids from various NGOs of Ahmedabad like Sewa, Helpline Education, Visamo Kids, Apang Manav Mandal (for the handicapped children), Manav Sadhna and Saral were invited to the institute to come and spend a day here with the students.

The day started with a painting competition for the kids. The kids unleashed their hidden creative talents. While some chose to stick to the tried and tested ways ,many others went ahead with varied interpretations of the world around them. The theme of the painting competition was ‘Paint Your Dreams’ – a platform for the kids to express themselves and communicate their dreams through their drawings. The end result was a colourful array of sceneries and portraits showcasing innumerable dreams.

Post-lunch, the kids were treated to an exclusive screening of animated movies. Then, there was an auditorium session for the entertainment of kids. The session started with the sand animation show. Famous Vadodara based artist Mr.Nagesh Phulpagar mesmerized the audience with his talented performance. A magic show and puppet show was also organized for the children.Every child has a special dream and this event was a small initiative to help these underprivileged children cherish their treasured dreams.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm; Photocourtesy: Mediacomm)


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Institute of Management, Nirma University, organised Arthoday 2014 – The Finance Conclave with the theme ‘Financial Sector- The Road Ahead’. The conclave focused on various happenings in the internal and external arenas of our economy accompanied with a new government at the Centre and how these would have a lot of significance on charting the road ahead.


Mr Phani Sekhar, Fund Manager, Angel Broking started the inaugural session by highlighting the challenges in mutual fund Industry with perspective of investors, distributors and regulators. Post this, Mr Rachit Raj, Equity Derivatives Trader at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Mumbai, enthusiastically started the second session with the theme “Learning from Dealer’s Desk”. He correctly mentioned that  “A good trader is someone who doesn’t know the answers to all the questions but asks the right questions to clients“.The third speaker for the day was, Mr.Arun Kumar Bansal, Treasury Head-Indian Bank, Ahmedabad. He spoke on Debt market in India and Govt. securities. Starting with a discussion on the evolution of Debt market and how it initially started with a fund based approach,he spoke on how debt market has today geared up its availability online.

Post-lunch, Mr.Sanjay Upadhyay, CFO at Deepak Nitrite discussed on the dynamics of risk in contemporary world. The last session for the day was graced by Mr Sawan Godiawala, Senior Director – Deloitte  who spoke about about M&A strategies and specified that it needs a lot of confidence to become a global player. Acquiring the competitor on high premium will allow increasing the margins of the company after acquisition.

The speakers of the conclave provided a perfect blend of financial knowledge with professional learning that would help the students in developing greater insights of the prevailing structure of our economy.

(Content and Photo Courtesy: Media Committee)

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Photoshop workshop…

On special request from many students, Clique-The IT Club of IMNU ,organised a Photoshop workshop to help students instill their skills on it.The work shop was really helpful to students,as learning and gaining new skills is an essential part of every student’s life.

The workshop was conducted by students of Clique club themselves.This made it easier for the students to ask questions and doubts without any hesitance.The session was also joined by some faculty members,who truly proved that learning has no age.Tt.he workshop was truly a great effort by Clique Club.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm;Photo courtesy:Clique Club)

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Annual Quality Conference

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) Ahmedabad Local Member Community (LMC) organized its fourth Annual Conference on Quality in association with Institute of Management, Nirma University today. The objective of this seminar is to spread importance of Quality awareness among industry and academia. The theme of the conference was “Quality Improvement for Organizational Excellence”.

The conference was attended by more than 300 participants, wherein there were more than 10 top management speeches; more than 25 live case studies presentations; 15 posters on based on quality implementation projects were presented; some of the cases were on various quality management issues such as “Quality Management System for Politics and Bureaucracy” – A case study of CMO, Gujarat, Case study of implementation of 5S in Apollo Hospitals, Quality Improvement in Small Scale Industry.

Introducing the conclave, Mr Amit Chatterjee (MD – ASQ India) said that for India to become a world power, quality consciousness has to permeate the Indian mind, character and will. Education must move from quantity mind-set to quality mind-set to create employable people as well as make the new Harvards and MITs of the world. In his inaugural address, Dr Johannes Grobe (MD – Bosch Rexroth India Pvt. Ltd.) that it is necessary for companies to strike a balance between investments and cost reduction strategies. Managers should put in the spirit of continuous improvement in all processes of the company to maintain quality. He emphasized that companies have to change their mind-sets from leadership to entrepreneurship, training employees for out-of-box thinking and changing the focus from culture to discipline. If companies want to grow in the new economic environment, they have to be FAST – Flexible and Active with Speed and Timing.

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Chief Guest of the Conference Mr I.V. Rao (Executive Advisor of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.& Director of Maruti Center for Excellence) said that companies become known for quality only when the top management is focused and committed on quality. Maruti was focused on quality right from the beginning and became market leader and continues to be a force to reckon with. Today, India needs FDI – First Develop India. He ended with a clarion call – “Let us Unite, Imbibe the Quality, Strive for Excellence and Let India Lead the World”.

Dr Manu Vora (Chairman and President, Business Excellence Inc, USA) who joined the conference through video conferencing shared his insights on the need of leadership in bringing out change. Dr Jaimin Shah – Co-Founder and MD of Dev Infotech (India and Canada) spoke on the challenges faced by the MSME sector. He looked at a couple of points regarding leadership such as setting goals, setting the ethics of company, teamwork and the need of leaders to take feedback. The conference was also addressed by Mr Jon Fletcher, Sr. V.P., KEC International who spoke on the linkage of safety and quality.

Dr Debashis Sarkar – ASQ Fellow and Global Head for Reengineering at Standard Chartered spoke about change management in large organizations. Companies often fail to realise the effects of behaviour, leadership, strategic alignment and contend themselves with creating change through processes and rules. He concluded that change in organizations is beyond processes and rules, it is about psychology of employees.

Releasing the book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect”

Releasing the book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect”

Quality is now a top priority national strategy, evident by the clarion call made by India’s PM who has articulated a lucid vision for a national culture based on “Zero Defect & Zero Effect”. A book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect” edited by Dr Rajesh K. Jain and Dr Himanshu Trivedi, was released which is a compendium of real case studies and best practices presented at the Quality Management Conferences so far organized by ASQ LMC Ahmedabad, providing pointers on how to reduce waste, failures and defects.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Uday Patel)

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