Institute of Management, Nirma University, organised Arthoday 2014 – The Finance Conclave with the theme ‘Financial Sector- The Road Ahead’. The conclave focused on various happenings in the internal and external arenas of our economy accompanied with a new government at the Centre and how these would have a lot of significance on charting the road ahead.


Mr Phani Sekhar, Fund Manager, Angel Broking started the inaugural session by highlighting the challenges in mutual fund Industry with perspective of investors, distributors and regulators. Post this, Mr Rachit Raj, Equity Derivatives Trader at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Mumbai, enthusiastically started the second session with the theme “Learning from Dealer’s Desk”. He correctly mentioned that  “A good trader is someone who doesn’t know the answers to all the questions but asks the right questions to clients“.The third speaker for the day was, Mr.Arun Kumar Bansal, Treasury Head-Indian Bank, Ahmedabad. He spoke on Debt market in India and Govt. securities. Starting with a discussion on the evolution of Debt market and how it initially started with a fund based approach,he spoke on how debt market has today geared up its availability online.

Post-lunch, Mr.Sanjay Upadhyay, CFO at Deepak Nitrite discussed on the dynamics of risk in contemporary world. The last session for the day was graced by Mr Sawan Godiawala, Senior Director – Deloitte  who spoke about about M&A strategies and specified that it needs a lot of confidence to become a global player. Acquiring the competitor on high premium will allow increasing the margins of the company after acquisition.

The speakers of the conclave provided a perfect blend of financial knowledge with professional learning that would help the students in developing greater insights of the prevailing structure of our economy.

(Content and Photo Courtesy: Media Committee)

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Photoshop workshop…

On special request from many students, Clique-The IT Club of IMNU ,organised a Photoshop workshop to help students instill their skills on it.The work shop was really helpful to students,as learning and gaining new skills is an essential part of every student’s life.

The workshop was conducted by students of Clique club themselves.This made it easier for the students to ask questions and doubts without any hesitance.The session was also joined by some faculty members,who truly proved that learning has no age.Tt.he workshop was truly a great effort by Clique Club.

(Content courtesy: Mediacomm;Photo courtesy:Clique Club)

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Annual Quality Conference

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) Ahmedabad Local Member Community (LMC) organized its fourth Annual Conference on Quality in association with Institute of Management, Nirma University today. The objective of this seminar is to spread importance of Quality awareness among industry and academia. The theme of the conference was “Quality Improvement for Organizational Excellence”.

The conference was attended by more than 300 participants, wherein there were more than 10 top management speeches; more than 25 live case studies presentations; 15 posters on based on quality implementation projects were presented; some of the cases were on various quality management issues such as “Quality Management System for Politics and Bureaucracy” – A case study of CMO, Gujarat, Case study of implementation of 5S in Apollo Hospitals, Quality Improvement in Small Scale Industry.

Introducing the conclave, Mr Amit Chatterjee (MD – ASQ India) said that for India to become a world power, quality consciousness has to permeate the Indian mind, character and will. Education must move from quantity mind-set to quality mind-set to create employable people as well as make the new Harvards and MITs of the world. In his inaugural address, Dr Johannes Grobe (MD – Bosch Rexroth India Pvt. Ltd.) that it is necessary for companies to strike a balance between investments and cost reduction strategies. Managers should put in the spirit of continuous improvement in all processes of the company to maintain quality. He emphasized that companies have to change their mind-sets from leadership to entrepreneurship, training employees for out-of-box thinking and changing the focus from culture to discipline. If companies want to grow in the new economic environment, they have to be FAST – Flexible and Active with Speed and Timing.

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Chief Guest of the Conference Mr I.V. Rao (Executive Advisor of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.& Director of Maruti Center for Excellence) said that companies become known for quality only when the top management is focused and committed on quality. Maruti was focused on quality right from the beginning and became market leader and continues to be a force to reckon with. Today, India needs FDI – First Develop India. He ended with a clarion call – “Let us Unite, Imbibe the Quality, Strive for Excellence and Let India Lead the World”.

Dr Manu Vora (Chairman and President, Business Excellence Inc, USA) who joined the conference through video conferencing shared his insights on the need of leadership in bringing out change. Dr Jaimin Shah – Co-Founder and MD of Dev Infotech (India and Canada) spoke on the challenges faced by the MSME sector. He looked at a couple of points regarding leadership such as setting goals, setting the ethics of company, teamwork and the need of leaders to take feedback. The conference was also addressed by Mr Jon Fletcher, Sr. V.P., KEC International who spoke on the linkage of safety and quality.

Dr Debashis Sarkar – ASQ Fellow and Global Head for Reengineering at Standard Chartered spoke about change management in large organizations. Companies often fail to realise the effects of behaviour, leadership, strategic alignment and contend themselves with creating change through processes and rules. He concluded that change in organizations is beyond processes and rules, it is about psychology of employees.

Releasing the book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect”

Releasing the book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect”

Quality is now a top priority national strategy, evident by the clarion call made by India’s PM who has articulated a lucid vision for a national culture based on “Zero Defect & Zero Effect”. A book titled “Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect” edited by Dr Rajesh K. Jain and Dr Himanshu Trivedi, was released which is a compendium of real case studies and best practices presented at the Quality Management Conferences so far organized by ASQ LMC Ahmedabad, providing pointers on how to reduce waste, failures and defects.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Uday Patel)

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Home coming…..

Happiness is standing on the same old path of your Alma-mater to see some old and many new faces….

Kaizen- The Alumni Committee of IMNU, vibrantly came up with its flagship event “Alumni Day”with the theme “Arabian Nights“. The alumni of IMNU, from various parts of the country, left their otherwise-busy-schedules and came up for this voyage to experience the reliving their student life.

On the other side of the table, there was a huge level of excitement amongst the students. After all, what could be a better time to ken the real time experiences and learning of the alumni that they underwent in the real world, which is quite different from the beauty and comfort of a student life. In addition to the invaluable guidance that alumni spread to the students,they provided the relish and joy of belonging by sharing the experiences of their life at IMNU.

The alumni literally relived their life at IMNU, in the very hostel rooms that served home to them for two years. The day encompassed an entire range of events starting from interactions and lunch. Then came the much awaited and mind boggling performances by students of the clubs -Fiesta and Chehre. The exuberant performances were followed by an equally energetic musical night. As the evening flowed,there was a friendly match between the students and alumni. The day culminated with a jamming session and lots of joy, quite visible in the faces of all. It was indeed a day, all the students and alumni would cherish in their heart for long.

(Content courtesy: Media Committee; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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Diwali celebrations by Saral

Saral – The in-house NGO at Institute of Management Nirma University, celebrated the Festival of Lights – Diwali with the kids of the adjoining slum and their parents on 17th October, 2014.

The celebration started with a craft session where the children brought their creativity through the medium of paper. It was a delight to watch the innocence of the kids flower through their creations. Later, a band played songs and live music to the children. This was followed by bursting of crackers, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The celebration ended with wholesome dinner for all the children and their parents at the students’ mess.

The event was attended by students and alumni from IMNU and CEPT. On this joyous occasion, CEPT has donated a solar lamp to the children to fulfill the needs of lighting in the night.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George)

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Govinda alaa re-Dahi Handi celebration

IMNU adorned a festive mood on 24th August as the students celebrated Janamashtmi with great exuberance and in high spirits. The dahi handi celebrations began early in the morning with students dancing to the tunes of Makhanchor and forming human pyramids to steal makhan from the handi ,held high above the ground as per the tradition.

Amidst so much of cheer and enthusiasm of the crowd, the Govindas(not only male but also female govindas) of IMNU through their excellent coordination and team spirit broke the handi .Many groups of boys and girls made successful attempts to reach the target. The crowd was in high spirits and celebrated the occasion by dancing and playing with colours.


In the evening the students gathered to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with great devotion. They offered prayers to seek blessings of Lord Krishna by performing puja and Aarti.

(Content Courtesy: Shikha Dhasmana;Photo courtesy:Amit Abhyankar)

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The Lord of Rannbhoomi….

Because the true joy of journey is in the journey itself….


Achilleans(Section A)

It was a week when breakfast was not just about bread jam and poha, but had people discussing, “What is to be done today?”, class room breaks didn’t have the students dozing as usual, but everyone was busy explaining what progress was made the day before, new mess was no longer a group-committee chat point but was more of a strategy defining point. The walls of mess transformed into canvas displaying the colorful and vivacious posters by the “Achilleans, Beacons, Stallions, Daivats and Nawaab”.Yes these were the names of the participant or should I say the warrior teams of the Rannbhoomi.


Beacons(Section B)

Rannbhoomi, the flagship event of Niche-The marketing club of IMNU, was once again organized with the same enthusiasm and spirit, it is famous for. The interclass competition was no less than a journey in itself, a journey that proved to be a platform for all the first year classes to come up and showcase their core competence and much important their unity.


Stallions(Section C)

What started with an online voting round in between the classes, yielding Stallions a very near victory,continued with incessant warfare and marketing both online and offline. The walls of IMNU group remained occupied by posts from different teams. Of these, the Lallan posts became a special attraction. The campus was itself a testimony to the latent exuberance of the students, with walls and lanes of the campus showcasing the posters and banners of all the teams.


Daivats(Section D)

Even the mess became a stage, where teams came up to dance, sing and also create some social awareness. Loaded with all these pre-events, came the final Day of Judgement, when the teams set fire to the stage with their mesmerizing performance one after the other. The brilliant performance by the students made the task of the judges utterly difficult.



Section-C aka Stallions were declared winners of Rannbhoomi-2014.However, there are few competitions in life where no one actually loses and Rannbhoomi was one such event. Everyone was a winner of the satisfaction and joy of collective performance.

(Content courtesy:Mediacomm ; Photo courtesy:Pratikriti club)

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